Release channels

Dataproc Metastore uses release channels to bundle features of varying levels of stability. Release channels allow you to select between stable features and newer experimental features. You can select the release channel when you create a Dataproc Metastore service.

Types of release channels

There are two types of release channels:

  • Canary: The Canary release channel contains the newest features, which may be unstable and subject to unresolved issues with no known workarounds. Services using Canary are not subject to any SLAs.

  • Stable: The Stable release channel contains features that are considered stable and have been validated for production use.

If you don't specify a channel, new Dataproc Metastore services are created with the Stable value. If you select the Canary release channel, then you automatically receive the newer features.

Release notes

To learn what's new in a release channel, review the following release notes:

Release Channel Notes
Canary Contains the feature to run the asynchronous background tasks like ACID compaction separately from the Hive metastore. This frees up resources to run more Hive metastore tasks. This preview feature is only available for Hive version 3.1.2 Enterprise tier.

What's next