Videos and samples

As you use Compute Engine, you might find it useful to explore different forms of resources. The following sections provide some information about videos, samples, and reference architectures available for Compute Engine.


Videos are a quick and easy way to get started learning about Compute Engine. There are several types of videos available to watch, including presentations, screencasts, and technical overviews.

Visit the Google Cloud YouTube channel for a comprehensive list of videos.


You can use client libraries to make calls to the Compute Engine API. Code samples are available for each client library in the GitHub repository that corresponds to the programming language of your choice. Check the repository for the language you use to find sample usage and basic guidance.

To search the entire collection of Google Cloud code samples, visit Google Cloud Samples.

Reference architectures and design patterns

Reference architectures and patterns can help you plan more involved solutions that incorporate Compute Engine. There are a variety of reference architectures, diagrams, design patterns, and best practices available for building or migrating workloads using Compute Engine.

Visit the Cloud Architecture Center for a comprehensive list of articles, tutorials, and reference guides.