CentOS 6 end of support

How will this impact my existing virtual machine instances (VMs)

Your current VMs that are running CentOS 6 operating systems are not affected. After the EOS date, you will still be able to start or stop your existing VMs that are using these images.

However, your projects might be at risk because you will be running CentOS 6 VMs that are not receiving security updates.

What do I need to know

After this date, the following changes take effect:

  • CentOS 6 images will still be available but will be marked as deprecated.
  • For your existing CentOS 6 based VMs, limited technical support is available through Google Cloud.

What do I need to do

  1. Review the operating system lifecycle and support policy.
  2. If you will need to create VMs that use these CentOS 6 images after the EOS date, make copies of the images in your projects.
  3. Plan and migrate your CentOS 6 workloads and applications to CentOS 8 before the EOS date.

If you have specific questions about CentOS 6 EOS, contact Google Cloud Support.

What's next