About observIQ and BindPlane

observIQ specializes in developing fast, powerful, and intuitive next-generation observability technologies for DevOps and ITOps communities. observIQ has built more than 200 integrations designed to monitor cloud, hybrid-cloud, on-premises infrastructure, DevOps and enterprise applications that are deployed worldwide, monitoring business-critical applications.

observIQ has been a Google partner since 2018 and is a top contributor to the OpenTelemetry project. In 2020, observIQ donated the primary logging component in the OpenTelemetry collector.

What is BindPlane?

BindPlane is observIQ's premier observablity pipeline. BindPlane give you the ability to collect, refine, and ship metrics, logs, and traces to any destination or project in Google Cloud. BindPlane provides the controls you need to reduce observability costs and simplify the deployment and management of telemetry agents at scale.

BindPlane lets you collect telemetry from a variety of sources and export
that data to Cloud Monitoring and Cloud Logging.

BindPlane versions

observIQ offers several versions of BindPlane. For a comparison of features in each version, see What version of BindPlane is best for you?.

How it works

BindPlane integrates with Cloud Monitoring and Cloud Logging, allowing you to capture metrics and logs from parts of your infrastructure that aren't covered by the monitored resources. These resources include:

  • Platforms like Microsoft Azure Compute and VMware vCenter
  • Line-of-business applications like Oracle EBS and JBoss
  • Database engines like Microsoft SQL Server and OracleDB

observIQ collectors send the data to Cloud Monitoring and Cloud Logging, where you can visualize and analyze this data like any other data you've collected. The metrics are charged as custom metrics, but there are no additional costs, licenses, or contracts needed to use BindPlane.

When sending data to Monitoring and Logging, BindPlane refers to the Monitoring-provided monitored resources. Monitored resources in Monitoring correspond to sources in BindPlane. For information about the metrics and logs collected by BindPlane for each source, see Sources.

BindPlane architecture and security

Security is an important consideration within the design of the BindPlane solution. observIQ has passed a Google security audit before partnering with Google to jointly offer this solution.

The architecture and security systems employ strong authentication throughout. Additionally, observIQ regularly audits its security practices and performs penetration testing of its systems on a frequent basis.

Example use cases

When you use BindPlane, you can collect metrics or logs from the following environments for analysis in Cloud Monitoring and Logging:

  • On-premises host machines
  • On-premises Kubernetes system and application code
  • Firewalls, switches, and routers