Speech-to-Text supported languages

This page lists all languages supported by Cloud Speech-to-Text. Language is specified within a recognition request's languageCode parameter. For more information about sending a recognition request and specifying the language of the transcription, see the how-to guides about performing speech recognition. For more information about the class tokens available for each language, see the class tokens page.

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The table below lists the models available for each language. Cloud Speech-to-Text offers multiple recognition models, each tuned to different audio types. The default and command_and_search recognition models support all available languages. The command_and_search model is optimized for short audio clips, such as voice commands or voice searches. The default model can be used to transcribe any audio type.

Some languages are supported by additional models, optimized for additional audio types: enhanced phone_call, and enhanced video. These models can recognize speech captured from these audio sources more accurately than the default model. See the enhanced models page for more information. If any of these additional models are available for your language, they will be listed with the default and command_and_search models for your language. If only the default and command_and_search models are listed with your language, no additional models are currently available.

Use only the language codes shown in the following table. The following language codes are officially maintained and monitored externally by Google. Using other language codes can result in breaking changes.

Filter on supported features:

(add spoken punctuation)
(add spoken emojis)
(word-level confidence)
(automatically add punctuation)
(automatically detect different speakers)
(customized word recognition)

Filter on language:
Name BCP-47 Model Single Utterance Automatic punctuation Diarization Model adaptation Word-level confidence Profanity filter Spoken punctuation Spoken emojis
Afrikaans (South Africa) af-ZA command_and_search False
Afrikaans (South Africa) af-ZA command_and_search True
Afrikaans (South Africa) af-ZA default False
Albanian (Albania) sq-AL command_and_search False
Albanian (Albania) sq-AL command_and_search True
Albanian (Albania) sq-AL default False
Amharic (Ethiopia) am-ET command_and_search False
Amharic (Ethiopia) am-ET command_and_search True
Amharic (Ethiopia) am-ET default False
Arabic (Algeria) ar-DZ command_and_search False
Arabic (Algeria) ar-DZ command_and_search True
Arabic (Algeria) ar-DZ default False
Arabic (Algeria) ar-DZ latest_long False
Arabic (Algeria) ar-DZ latest_long True
Arabic (Algeria) ar-DZ latest_short False
Arabic (Algeria) ar-DZ latest_short True
Arabic (Bahrain) ar-BH command_and_search False
Arabic (Bahrain) ar-BH command_and_search True
Arabic (Bahrain) ar-BH default False
Arabic (Bahrain) ar-BH latest_long False
Arabic (Bahrain) ar-BH latest_long True
Arabic (Bahrain) ar-BH latest_short False
Arabic (Bahrain) ar-BH latest_short True
Arabic (Egypt) ar-EG command_and_search False
Arabic (Egypt) ar-EG command_and_search True
Arabic (Egypt) ar-EG default False
Arabic (Egypt) ar-EG latest_long False
Arabic (Egypt) ar-EG latest_long True
Arabic (Egypt) ar-EG latest_short False
Arabic (Egypt) ar-EG latest_short True
Arabic (Iraq) ar-IQ command_and_search False
Arabic (Iraq) ar-IQ command_and_search True
Arabic (Iraq) ar-IQ default False
Arabic (Iraq) ar-IQ latest_long False
Arabic (Iraq) ar-IQ latest_long True
Arabic (Iraq) ar-IQ latest_short False
Arabic (Iraq) ar-IQ latest_short True
Arabic (Israel) ar-IL command_and_search False
Arabic (Israel) ar-IL command_and_search True
Arabic (Israel) ar-IL default False
Arabic (Israel) ar-IL latest_long False
Arabic (Israel) ar-IL latest_long True
Arabic (Israel) ar-IL latest_short False
Arabic (Israel) ar-IL latest_short True
Arabic (Jordan) ar-JO command_and_search False
Arabic (Jordan) ar-JO command_and_search True
Arabic (Jordan) ar-JO default False
Arabic (Jordan) ar-JO latest_long False
Arabic (Jordan) ar-JO latest_long True
Arabic (Jordan) ar-JO latest_short False
Arabic (Jordan) ar-JO latest_short True
Arabic (Kuwait) ar-KW command_and_search False
Arabic (Kuwait) ar-KW command_and_search True
Arabic (Kuwait) ar-KW default False
Arabic (Kuwait) ar-KW latest_long False
Arabic (Kuwait) ar-KW latest_long True
Arabic (Kuwait) ar-KW latest_short False
Arabic (Kuwait) ar-KW latest_short True
Arabic (Lebanon) ar-LB command_and_search False
Arabic (Lebanon) ar-LB command_and_search True
Arabic (Lebanon) ar-LB default False
Arabic (Lebanon) ar-LB latest_long False
Arabic (Lebanon) ar-LB latest_long True
Arabic (Lebanon) ar-LB latest_short False
Arabic (Lebanon) ar-LB latest_short True
Arabic (Mauritania) ar-MR command_and_search False
Arabic (Mauritania) ar-MR command_and_search True
Arabic (Mauritania) ar-MR default False
Arabic (Mauritania) ar-MR latest_long False
Arabic (Mauritania) ar-MR latest_long True
Arabic (Mauritania) ar-MR latest_short False
Arabic (Mauritania) ar-MR latest_short True
Arabic (Morocco) ar-MA command_and_search False
Arabic (Morocco) ar-MA command_and_search True
Arabic (Morocco) ar-MA default False
Arabic (Morocco) ar-MA latest_long False
Arabic (Morocco) ar-MA latest_long True
Arabic (Morocco) ar-MA latest_short False
Arabic (Morocco) ar-MA latest_short True
Arabic (Oman) ar-OM command_and_search False
Arabic (Oman) ar-OM command_and_search True
Arabic (Oman) ar-OM default False
Arabic (Oman) ar-OM latest_long False
Arabic (Oman) ar-OM latest_long True
Arabic (Oman) ar-OM latest_short False
Arabic (Oman) ar-OM latest_short True
Arabic (Qatar) ar-QA command_and_search False
Arabic (Qatar) ar-QA command_and_search True
Arabic (Qatar) ar-QA default False
Arabic (Qatar) ar-QA latest_long False
Arabic (Qatar) ar-QA latest_long True
Arabic (Qatar) ar-QA latest_short False
Arabic (Qatar) ar-QA latest_short True
Arabic (Saudi Arabia) ar-SA command_and_search False
Arabic (Saudi Arabia) ar-SA command_and_search True
Arabic (Saudi Arabia) ar-SA default False
Arabic (Saudi Arabia) ar-SA latest_long False
Arabic (Saudi Arabia) ar-SA latest_long True
Arabic (Saudi Arabia) ar-SA latest_short False
Arabic (Saudi Arabia) ar-SA latest_short True
Arabic (State of Palestine) ar-PS command_and_search False
Arabic (State of Palestine) ar-PS command_and_search True
Arabic (State of Palestine) ar-PS default False
Arabic (State of Palestine) ar-PS latest_long False
Arabic (State of Palestine) ar-PS latest_long True
Arabic (State of Palestine) ar-PS latest_short False
Arabic (State of Palestine) ar-PS latest_short True
Arabic (Syria) ar-SY command_and_search False
Arabic (Syria) ar-SY command_and_search True
Arabic (Syria) ar-SY default False
Arabic (Tunisia) ar-TN command_and_search False
Arabic (Tunisia) ar-TN command_and_search True
Arabic (Tunisia) ar-TN default False
Arabic (Tunisia) ar-TN latest_long False
Arabic (Tunisia) ar-TN latest_long True
Arabic (Tunisia) ar-TN latest_short False
Arabic (Tunisia) ar-TN latest_short True
Arabic (United Arab Emirates) ar-AE command_and_search False
Arabic (United Arab Emirates) ar-AE command_and_search True
Arabic (United Arab Emirates) ar-AE default False
Arabic (United Arab Emirates) ar-AE latest_long False
Arabic (United Arab Emirates) ar-AE latest_long True
Arabic (United Arab Emirates) ar-AE latest_short False
Arabic (United Arab Emirates) ar-AE latest_short True
Arabic (Yemen) ar-YE command_and_search False
Arabic (Yemen) ar-YE command_and_search True
Arabic (Yemen) ar-YE default False
Arabic (Yemen) ar-YE latest_long False
Arabic (Yemen) ar-YE latest_long True
Arabic (Yemen) ar-YE latest_short False
Arabic (Yemen) ar-YE latest_short True
Armenian (Armenia) hy-AM command_and_search False
Armenian (Armenia) hy-AM command_and_search True
Armenian (Armenia) hy-AM default False
Azerbaijani (Azerbaijan) az-AZ command_and_search False
Azerbaijani (Azerbaijan) az-AZ command_and_search True
Azerbaijani (Azerbaijan) az-AZ default False
Basque (Spain) eu-ES command_and_search False
Basque (Spain) eu-ES command_and_search True
Basque (Spain) eu-ES default False
Bengali (Bangladesh) bn-BD command_and_search False
Bengali (Bangladesh) bn-BD command_and_search True
Bengali (Bangladesh) bn-BD default False
Bengali (Bangladesh) bn-BD latest_long False
Bengali (Bangladesh) bn-BD latest_long True
Bengali (Bangladesh) bn-BD latest_short False
Bengali (Bangladesh) bn-BD latest_short True
Bengali (India) bn-IN command_and_search False
Bengali (India) bn-IN command_and_search True
Bengali (India) bn-IN default False
Bosnian (Bosnia and Herzegovina) bs-BA command_and_search False
Bosnian (Bosnia and Herzegovina) bs-BA command_and_search True
Bosnian (Bosnia and Herzegovina) bs-BA default False
Bulgarian (Bulgaria) bg-BG command_and_search False
Bulgarian (Bulgaria) bg-BG command_and_search True
Bulgarian (Bulgaria) bg-BG default False
Bulgarian (Bulgaria) bg-BG latest_long False
Bulgarian (Bulgaria) bg-BG latest_long True
Bulgarian (Bulgaria) bg-BG latest_short False
Bulgarian (Bulgaria) bg-BG latest_short True
Burmese (Myanmar) my-MM command_and_search False
Burmese (Myanmar) my-MM command_and_search True
Burmese (Myanmar) my-MM default False
Catalan (Spain) ca-ES command_and_search False
Catalan (Spain) ca-ES command_and_search True
Catalan (Spain) ca-ES default False
Chinese (Simplified, China) cmn-Hans-CN command_and_search False
Chinese (Simplified, China) cmn-Hans-CN command_and_search True
Chinese (Simplified, China) cmn-Hans-CN default False
Chinese (Simplified, Hong Kong) cmn-Hans-HK command_and_search False
Chinese (Simplified, Hong Kong) cmn-Hans-HK command_and_search True
Chinese (Simplified, Hong Kong) cmn-Hans-HK default False
Chinese (Traditional, Taiwan) cmn-Hant-TW command_and_search False
Chinese (Traditional, Taiwan) cmn-Hant-TW command_and_search True
Chinese (Traditional, Taiwan) cmn-Hant-TW default False
Chinese, Cantonese (Traditional Hong Kong) yue-Hant-HK command_and_search False
Chinese, Cantonese (Traditional Hong Kong) yue-Hant-HK command_and_search True
Chinese, Cantonese (Traditional Hong Kong) yue-Hant-HK default False
Croatian (Croatia) hr-HR command_and_search False
Croatian (Croatia) hr-HR command_and_search True
Croatian (Croatia) hr-HR default False
Czech (Czech Republic) cs-CZ command_and_search False
Czech (Czech Republic) cs-CZ command_and_search True
Czech (Czech Republic) cs-CZ default False
Czech (Czech Republic) cs-CZ latest_long False
Czech (Czech Republic) cs-CZ latest_long True
Czech (Czech Republic) cs-CZ latest_short False
Czech (Czech Republic) cs-CZ latest_short True
Danish (Denmark) da-DK command_and_search False
Danish (Denmark) da-DK command_and_search True
Danish (Denmark) da-DK default False
Danish (Denmark) da-DK latest_long False
Danish (Denmark) da-DK latest_long True
Danish (Denmark) da-DK latest_short False
Danish (Denmark) da-DK latest_short True
Dutch (Belgium) nl-BE command_and_search False
Dutch (Belgium) nl-BE command_and_search True
Dutch (Belgium) nl-BE default False
Dutch (Netherlands) nl-NL command_and_search False
Dutch (Netherlands) nl-NL command_and_search True
Dutch (Netherlands) nl-NL default False
Dutch (Netherlands) nl-NL latest_long False
Dutch (Netherlands) nl-NL latest_long True
Dutch (Netherlands) nl-NL latest_short False
Dutch (Netherlands) nl-NL latest_short True
Dutch (Netherlands) nl-NL telephony False
Dutch (Netherlands) nl-NL telephony True
Dutch (Netherlands) nl-NL telephony_short False
Dutch (Netherlands) nl-NL telephony_short True
English (Australia) en-AU command_and_search False
English (Australia) en-AU command_and_search True
English (Australia) en-AU default False
English (Australia) en-AU latest_long False
English (Australia) en-AU latest_long True
English (Australia) en-AU latest_short False
English (Australia) en-AU latest_short True
English (Australia) en-AU phone_call False
English (Australia) en-AU telephony False
English (Australia) en-AU telephony True
English (Australia) en-AU telephony_short False
English (Australia) en-AU telephony_short True
English (Canada) en-CA command_and_search False
English (Canada) en-CA command_and_search True
English (Canada) en-CA default False
English (Canada) en-CA telephony False
English (Canada) en-CA telephony True
English (Canada) en-CA telephony_short False
English (Canada) en-CA telephony_short True
English (Ghana) en-GH command_and_search False
English (Ghana) en-GH command_and_search True
English (Ghana) en-GH default False
English (Hong Kong) en-HK command_and_search False
English (Hong Kong) en-HK command_and_search True
English (Hong Kong) en-HK default False
English (India) en-IN command_and_search False
English (India) en-IN command_and_search True
English (India) en-IN default False
English (India) en-IN latest_long False
English (India) en-IN latest_long True
English (India) en-IN latest_short False
English (India) en-IN latest_short True
English (India) en-IN telephony False
English (India) en-IN telephony True
English (India) en-IN telephony_short False
English (India) en-IN telephony_short True
English (Ireland) en-IE command_and_search False
English (Ireland) en-IE command_and_search True
English (Ireland) en-IE default False
English (Kenya) en-KE command_and_search False
English (Kenya) en-KE command_and_search True
English (Kenya) en-KE default False
English (New Zealand) en-NZ command_and_search False
English (New Zealand) en-NZ command_and_search True
English (New Zealand) en-NZ default False
English (Nigeria) en-NG command_and_search False
English (Nigeria) en-NG command_and_search True
English (Nigeria) en-NG default False
English (Pakistan) en-PK command_and_search False
English (Pakistan) en-PK command_and_search True
English (Pakistan) en-PK default False
English (Philippines) en-PH command_and_search False
English (Philippines) en-PH command_and_search True
English (Philippines) en-PH default False
English (Singapore) en-SG command_and_search False
English (Singapore) en-SG command_and_search True
English (Singapore) en-SG default False
English (South Africa) en-ZA command_and_search False
English (South Africa) en-ZA command_and_search True
English (South Africa) en-ZA default False
English (Tanzania) en-TZ command_and_search False
English (Tanzania) en-TZ command_and_search True
English (Tanzania) en-TZ default False
English (United Kingdom) en-GB command_and_search False
English (United Kingdom) en-GB command_and_search True
English (United Kingdom) en-GB default False
English (United Kingdom) en-GB latest_long False
English (United Kingdom) en-GB latest_long True
English (United Kingdom) en-GB latest_short False
English (United Kingdom) en-GB latest_short True
English (United Kingdom) en-GB phone_call False
English (United Kingdom) en-GB telephony False
English (United Kingdom) en-GB telephony True
English (United Kingdom) en-GB telephony_short False
English (United Kingdom) en-GB telephony_short True
English (United States) en-US command_and_search False
English (United States) en-US command_and_search True
English (United States) en-US default False
English (United States) en-US latest_long False
English (United States) en-US latest_long True
English (United States) en-US latest_short False
English (United States) en-US latest_short True
English (United States) en-US medical_conversation False
English (United States) en-US medical_dictation False
English (United States) en-US phone_call False
English (United States) en-US telephony False
English (United States) en-US telephony True
English (United States) en-US telephony_short False
English (United States) en-US telephony_short True
English (United States) en-US video False
Estonian (Estonia) et-EE command_and_search False
Estonian (Estonia) et-EE command_and_search True
Estonian (Estonia) et-EE default False
Filipino (Philippines) fil-PH command_and_search False
Filipino (Philippines) fil-PH command_and_search True
Filipino (Philippines) fil-PH default False
Finnish (Finland) fi-FI command_and_search False
Finnish (Finland) fi-FI command_and_search True
Finnish (Finland) fi-FI default False
Finnish (Finland) fi-FI latest_long False
Finnish (Finland) fi-FI latest_long True
Finnish (Finland) fi-FI latest_short False
Finnish (Finland) fi-FI latest_short True
French (Belgium) fr-BE command_and_search False
French (Belgium) fr-BE command_and_search True
French (Belgium) fr-BE default False
French (Canada) fr-CA command_and_search False
French (Canada) fr-CA command_and_search True
French (Canada) fr-CA default False
French (Canada) fr-CA latest_long False
French (Canada) fr-CA latest_long True
French (Canada) fr-CA latest_short False
French (Canada) fr-CA latest_short True
French (Canada) fr-CA phone_call False
French (Canada) fr-CA telephony False
French (Canada) fr-CA telephony True
French (Canada) fr-CA telephony_short False
French (Canada) fr-CA telephony_short True
French (France) fr-FR command_and_search False
French (France) fr-FR command_and_search True
French (France) fr-FR default False
French (France) fr-FR latest_long False
French (France) fr-FR latest_long True
French (France) fr-FR latest_short False
French (France) fr-FR latest_short True
French (France) fr-FR phone_call False
French (France) fr-FR telephony False
French (France) fr-FR telephony True
French (France) fr-FR telephony_short False
French (France) fr-FR telephony_short True
French (Switzerland) fr-CH command_and_search False
French (Switzerland) fr-CH command_and_search True
French (Switzerland) fr-CH default False
Galician (Spain) gl-ES command_and_search False
Galician (Spain) gl-ES command_and_search True
Galician (Spain) gl-ES default False
Georgian (Georgia) ka-GE command_and_search False
Georgian (Georgia) ka-GE command_and_search True
Georgian (Georgia) ka-GE default False
German (Austria) de-AT command_and_search False
German (Austria) de-AT command_and_search True
German (Austria) de-AT default False
German (Germany) de-DE command_and_search False
German (Germany) de-DE command_and_search True
German (Germany) de-DE default False
German (Germany) de-DE latest_long False
German (Germany) de-DE latest_long True
German (Germany) de-DE latest_short False
German (Germany) de-DE latest_short True
German (Germany) de-DE phone_call False
German (Germany) de-DE telephony False
German (Germany) de-DE telephony True
German (Germany) de-DE telephony_short False
German (Germany) de-DE telephony_short True
German (Switzerland) de-CH command_and_search False
German (Switzerland) de-CH command_and_search True
German (Switzerland) de-CH default False
Greek (Greece) el-GR command_and_search False
Greek (Greece) el-GR command_and_search True
Greek (Greece) el-GR default False
Gujarati (India) gu-IN command_and_search False
Gujarati (India) gu-IN command_and_search True
Gujarati (India) gu-IN default False
Hebrew (Israel) iw-IL command_and_search False
Hebrew (Israel) iw-IL command_and_search True
Hebrew (Israel) iw-IL default False
Hindi (India) hi-IN command_and_search False
Hindi (India) hi-IN command_and_search True
Hindi (India) hi-IN default False
Hindi (India) hi-IN latest_long False
Hindi (India) hi-IN latest_long True
Hindi (India) hi-IN latest_short False
Hindi (India) hi-IN latest_short True
Hindi (India) hi-IN telephony False
Hindi (India) hi-IN telephony True
Hindi (India) hi-IN telephony_short False
Hindi (India) hi-IN telephony_short True
Hungarian (Hungary) hu-HU command_and_search False
Hungarian (Hungary) hu-HU command_and_search True
Hungarian (Hungary) hu-HU default False
Hungarian (Hungary) hu-HU latest_long False
Hungarian (Hungary) hu-HU latest_long True
Hungarian (Hungary) hu-HU latest_short False
Hungarian (Hungary) hu-HU latest_short True
Icelandic (Iceland) is-IS command_and_search False
Icelandic (Iceland) is-IS command_and_search True
Icelandic (Iceland) is-IS default False
Indonesian (Indonesia) id-ID command_and_search False
Indonesian (Indonesia) id-ID command_and_search True
Indonesian (Indonesia) id-ID default False
Indonesian (Indonesia) id-ID latest_long False
Indonesian (Indonesia) id-ID latest_long True
Indonesian (Indonesia) id-ID latest_short False
Indonesian (Indonesia) id-ID latest_short True
Italian (Italy) it-IT command_and_search False
Italian (Italy) it-IT command_and_search True
Italian (Italy) it-IT default False
Italian (Italy) it-IT latest_long False
Italian (Italy) it-IT latest_long True
Italian (Italy) it-IT latest_short False
Italian (Italy) it-IT latest_short True
Italian (Italy) it-IT phone_call False
Italian (Italy) it-IT telephony False
Italian (Italy) it-IT telephony True
Italian (Italy) it-IT telephony_short False
Italian (Italy) it-IT telephony_short True
Italian (Switzerland) it-CH command_and_search False
Italian (Switzerland) it-CH command_and_search True
Italian (Switzerland) it-CH default False
Japanese (Japan) ja-JP command_and_search False
Japanese (Japan) ja-JP command_and_search True
Japanese (Japan) ja-JP default False
Japanese (Japan) ja-JP latest_long False
Japanese (Japan) ja-JP latest_long True
Japanese (Japan) ja-JP latest_short False
Japanese (Japan) ja-JP latest_short True
Japanese (Japan) ja-JP phone_call False
Japanese (Japan) ja-JP telephony False
Japanese (Japan) ja-JP telephony True
Japanese (Japan) ja-JP telephony_short False
Japanese (Japan) ja-JP telephony_short True
Javanese (Indonesia) jv-ID command_and_search False
Javanese (Indonesia) jv-ID command_and_search True
Javanese (Indonesia) jv-ID default False
Kannada (India) kn-IN command_and_search False
Kannada (India) kn-IN command_and_search True
Kannada (India) kn-IN default False
Kannada (India) kn-IN latest_long False
Kannada (India) kn-IN latest_long True
Kannada (India) kn-IN latest_short False
Kannada (India) kn-IN latest_short True
Kazakh (Kazakhstan) kk-KZ command_and_search False
Kazakh (Kazakhstan) kk-KZ command_and_search True
Kazakh (Kazakhstan) kk-KZ default False
Khmer (Cambodia) km-KH command_and_search False
Khmer (Cambodia) km-KH command_and_search True
Khmer (Cambodia) km-KH default False
Khmer (Cambodia) km-KH latest_long False
Khmer (Cambodia) km-KH latest_long True
Khmer (Cambodia) km-KH latest_short False
Khmer (Cambodia) km-KH latest_short True
Kinyarwanda (Rwanda) rw-RW latest_long False
Kinyarwanda (Rwanda) rw-RW latest_long True
Kinyarwanda (Rwanda) rw-RW latest_short False
Kinyarwanda (Rwanda) rw-RW latest_short True
Korean (South Korea) ko-KR command_and_search False
Korean (South Korea) ko-KR command_and_search True
Korean (South Korea) ko-KR default False
Korean (South Korea) ko-KR latest_long False
Korean (South Korea) ko-KR latest_long True
Korean (South Korea) ko-KR latest_short False
Korean (South Korea) ko-KR latest_short True
Korean (South Korea) ko-KR telephony False
Korean (South Korea) ko-KR telephony True
Korean (South Korea) ko-KR telephony_short False
Korean (South Korea) ko-KR telephony_short True
Lao (Laos) lo-LA command_and_search False
Lao (Laos) lo-LA command_and_search True
Lao (Laos) lo-LA default False
Latvian (Latvia) lv-LV command_and_search False
Latvian (Latvia) lv-LV command_and_search True
Latvian (Latvia) lv-LV default False
Lithuanian (Lithuania) lt-LT command_and_search False
Lithuanian (Lithuania) lt-LT command_and_search True
Lithuanian (Lithuania) lt-LT default False
Macedonian (North Macedonia) mk-MK command_and_search False
Macedonian (North Macedonia) mk-MK command_and_search True
Macedonian (North Macedonia) mk-MK default False
Macedonian (North Macedonia) mk-MK latest_long False
Macedonian (North Macedonia) mk-MK latest_long True
Macedonian (North Macedonia) mk-MK latest_short False
Macedonian (North Macedonia) mk-MK latest_short True
Malay (Malaysia) ms-MY command_and_search False
Malay (Malaysia) ms-MY command_and_search True
Malay (Malaysia) ms-MY default False
Malayalam (India) ml-IN command_and_search False
Malayalam (India) ml-IN command_and_search True
Malayalam (India) ml-IN default False
Malayalam (India) ml-IN latest_long False
Malayalam (India) ml-IN latest_long True
Malayalam (India) ml-IN latest_short False
Malayalam (India) ml-IN latest_short True
Marathi (India) mr-IN command_and_search False
Marathi (India) mr-IN command_and_search True
Marathi (India) mr-IN default False
Marathi (India) mr-IN latest_long False
Marathi (India) mr-IN latest_long True
Marathi (India) mr-IN latest_short False
Marathi (India) mr-IN latest_short True
Mongolian (Mongolia) mn-MN command_and_search False
Mongolian (Mongolia) mn-MN command_and_search True
Mongolian (Mongolia) mn-MN default False
Nepali (Nepal) ne-NP command_and_search False
Nepali (Nepal) ne-NP command_and_search True
Nepali (Nepal) ne-NP default False
Norwegian Bokmål (Norway) no-NO command_and_search False
Norwegian Bokmål (Norway) no-NO command_and_search True
Norwegian Bokmål (Norway) no-NO default False
Norwegian Bokmål (Norway) no-NO latest_long False
Norwegian Bokmål (Norway) no-NO latest_long True
Norwegian Bokmål (Norway) no-NO latest_short False
Norwegian Bokmål (Norway) no-NO latest_short True
Persian (Iran) fa-IR command_and_search False
Persian (Iran) fa-IR command_and_search True
Persian (Iran) fa-IR default False
Polish (Poland) pl-PL command_and_search False
Polish (Poland) pl-PL command_and_search True
Polish (Poland) pl-PL default False
Polish (Poland) pl-PL latest_long False
Polish (Poland) pl-PL latest_long True
Polish (Poland) pl-PL latest_short False
Polish (Poland) pl-PL latest_short True
Portuguese (Brazil) pt-BR command_and_search False
Portuguese (Brazil) pt-BR command_and_search True
Portuguese (Brazil) pt-BR default False
Portuguese (Brazil) pt-BR latest_long False
Portuguese (Brazil) pt-BR latest_long True
Portuguese (Brazil) pt-BR latest_short False
Portuguese (Brazil) pt-BR latest_short True
Portuguese (Brazil) pt-BR phone_call False
Portuguese (Brazil) pt-BR telephony False
Portuguese (Brazil) pt-BR telephony True
Portuguese (Brazil) pt-BR telephony_short False
Portuguese (Brazil) pt-BR telephony_short True
Portuguese (Portugal) pt-PT command_and_search False
Portuguese (Portugal) pt-PT command_and_search True
Portuguese (Portugal) pt-PT default False
Portuguese (Portugal) pt-PT latest_long False
Portuguese (Portugal) pt-PT latest_long True
Portuguese (Portugal) pt-PT latest_short False
Portuguese (Portugal) pt-PT latest_short True
Portuguese (Portugal) pt-PT telephony False
Portuguese (Portugal) pt-PT telephony True
Portuguese (Portugal) pt-PT telephony_short False
Portuguese (Portugal) pt-PT telephony_short True
Punjabi (Gurmukhi India) pa-Guru-IN command_and_search False
Punjabi (Gurmukhi India) pa-Guru-IN command_and_search True
Punjabi (Gurmukhi India) pa-Guru-IN default False
Romanian (Romania) ro-RO command_and_search False
Romanian (Romania) ro-RO command_and_search True
Romanian (Romania) ro-RO default False
Romanian (Romania) ro-RO latest_long False
Romanian (Romania) ro-RO latest_long True
Romanian (Romania) ro-RO latest_short False
Romanian (Romania) ro-RO latest_short True
Russian (Russia) ru-RU command_and_search False
Russian (Russia) ru-RU command_and_search True
Russian (Russia) ru-RU default False
Russian (Russia) ru-RU latest_long False
Russian (Russia) ru-RU latest_long True
Russian (Russia) ru-RU latest_short False
Russian (Russia) ru-RU latest_short True
Russian (Russia) ru-RU phone_call False
Serbian (Serbia) sr-RS command_and_search False
Serbian (Serbia) sr-RS command_and_search True
Serbian (Serbia) sr-RS default False
Sinhala (Sri Lanka) si-LK command_and_search False
Sinhala (Sri Lanka) si-LK command_and_search True
Sinhala (Sri Lanka) si-LK default False
Slovak (Slovakia) sk-SK command_and_search False
Slovak (Slovakia) sk-SK command_and_search True
Slovak (Slovakia) sk-SK default False
Slovenian (Slovenia) sl-SI command_and_search False
Slovenian (Slovenia) sl-SI command_and_search True
Slovenian (Slovenia) sl-SI default False
Southern Sotho (South Africa) st-ZA latest_long False
Southern Sotho (South Africa) st-ZA latest_long True
Southern Sotho (South Africa) st-ZA latest_short False
Southern Sotho (South Africa) st-ZA latest_short True
Spanish (Argentina) es-AR command_and_search False
Spanish (Argentina) es-AR command_and_search True
Spanish (Argentina) es-AR default False
Spanish (Bolivia) es-BO command_and_search False
Spanish (Bolivia) es-BO command_and_search True
Spanish (Bolivia) es-BO default False
Spanish (Chile) es-CL command_and_search False
Spanish (Chile) es-CL command_and_search True
Spanish (Chile) es-CL default False
Spanish (Colombia) es-CO command_and_search False
Spanish (Colombia) es-CO command_and_search True
Spanish (Colombia) es-CO default False
Spanish (Costa Rica) es-CR command_and_search False
Spanish (Costa Rica) es-CR command_and_search True
Spanish (Costa Rica) es-CR default False
Spanish (Dominican Republic) es-DO command_and_search False
Spanish (Dominican Republic) es-DO command_and_search True
Spanish (Dominican Republic) es-DO default False
Spanish (Ecuador) es-EC command_and_search False
Spanish (Ecuador) es-EC command_and_search True
Spanish (Ecuador) es-EC default False
Spanish (El Salvador) es-SV command_and_search False
Spanish (El Salvador) es-SV command_and_search True
Spanish (El Salvador) es-SV default False
Spanish (Guatemala) es-GT command_and_search False
Spanish (Guatemala) es-GT command_and_search True
Spanish (Guatemala) es-GT default False
Spanish (Honduras) es-HN command_and_search False
Spanish (Honduras) es-HN command_and_search True
Spanish (Honduras) es-HN default False
Spanish (Mexico) es-MX command_and_search False
Spanish (Mexico) es-MX command_and_search True
Spanish (Mexico) es-MX default False
Spanish (Nicaragua) es-NI command_and_search False
Spanish (Nicaragua) es-NI command_and_search True
Spanish (Nicaragua) es-NI default False
Spanish (Panama) es-PA command_and_search False
Spanish (Panama) es-PA command_and_search True
Spanish (Panama) es-PA default False
Spanish (Paraguay) es-PY command_and_search False
Spanish (Paraguay) es-PY command_and_search True
Spanish (Paraguay) es-PY default False
Spanish (Peru) es-PE command_and_search False
Spanish (Peru) es-PE command_and_search True
Spanish (Peru) es-PE default False
Spanish (Puerto Rico) es-PR command_and_search False
Spanish (Puerto Rico) es-PR command_and_search True
Spanish (Puerto Rico) es-PR default False
Spanish (Spain) es-ES command_and_search False
Spanish (Spain) es-ES command_and_search True
Spanish (Spain) es-ES default False
Spanish (Spain) es-ES latest_long False
Spanish (Spain) es-ES latest_long True
Spanish (Spain) es-ES latest_short False
Spanish (Spain) es-ES latest_short True
Spanish (Spain) es-ES phone_call False
Spanish (Spain) es-ES telephony False
Spanish (Spain) es-ES telephony True
Spanish (Spain) es-ES telephony_short False
Spanish (Spain) es-ES telephony_short True
Spanish (United States) es-US command_and_search False
Spanish (United States) es-US command_and_search True
Spanish (United States) es-US default False
Spanish (United States) es-US latest_long False
Spanish (United States) es-US latest_long True
Spanish (United States) es-US latest_short False
Spanish (United States) es-US latest_short True
Spanish (United States) es-US phone_call False
Spanish (United States) es-US telephony False
Spanish (United States) es-US telephony True
Spanish (United States) es-US telephony_short False
Spanish (United States) es-US telephony_short True
Spanish (Uruguay) es-UY command_and_search False
Spanish (Uruguay) es-UY command_and_search True
Spanish (Uruguay) es-UY default False
Spanish (Venezuela) es-VE command_and_search False
Spanish (Venezuela) es-VE command_and_search True
Spanish (Venezuela) es-VE default False
Sundanese (Indonesia) su-ID command_and_search False
Sundanese (Indonesia) su-ID command_and_search True
Sundanese (Indonesia) su-ID default False
Swahili (Kenya) sw-KE command_and_search False
Swahili (Kenya) sw-KE command_and_search True
Swahili (Kenya) sw-KE default False
Swahili (Tanzania) sw-TZ command_and_search False
Swahili (Tanzania) sw-TZ command_and_search True
Swahili (Tanzania) sw-TZ default False
Swati (Latin, South Africa) ss-Latn-ZA latest_long False
Swati (Latin, South Africa) ss-Latn-ZA latest_long True
Swati (Latin, South Africa) ss-Latn-ZA latest_short False
Swati (Latin, South Africa) ss-Latn-ZA latest_short True
Swedish (Sweden) sv-SE command_and_search False
Swedish (Sweden) sv-SE command_and_search True
Swedish (Sweden) sv-SE default False
Swedish (Sweden) sv-SE latest_long False
Swedish (Sweden) sv-SE latest_long True
Swedish (Sweden) sv-SE latest_short False
Swedish (Sweden) sv-SE latest_short True
Tamil (India) ta-IN command_and_search False
Tamil (India) ta-IN command_and_search True
Tamil (India) ta-IN default False
Tamil (India) ta-IN latest_long False
Tamil (India) ta-IN latest_long True
Tamil (India) ta-IN latest_short False
Tamil (India) ta-IN latest_short True
Tamil (Malaysia) ta-MY command_and_search False
Tamil (Malaysia) ta-MY command_and_search True
Tamil (Malaysia) ta-MY default False
Tamil (Singapore) ta-SG command_and_search False
Tamil (Singapore) ta-SG command_and_search True
Tamil (Singapore) ta-SG default False
Tamil (Sri Lanka) ta-LK command_and_search False
Tamil (Sri Lanka) ta-LK command_and_search True
Tamil (Sri Lanka) ta-LK default False
Telugu (India) te-IN command_and_search False
Telugu (India) te-IN command_and_search True
Telugu (India) te-IN default False
Telugu (India) te-IN latest_long False
Telugu (India) te-IN latest_long True
Telugu (India) te-IN latest_short False
Telugu (India) te-IN latest_short True
Thai (Thailand) th-TH command_and_search False
Thai (Thailand) th-TH command_and_search True
Thai (Thailand) th-TH default False
Thai (Thailand) th-TH latest_long False
Thai (Thailand) th-TH latest_long True
Thai (Thailand) th-TH latest_short False
Thai (Thailand) th-TH latest_short True
Tsonga (South Africa) ts-ZA latest_long False
Tsonga (South Africa) ts-ZA latest_long True
Tsonga (South Africa) ts-ZA latest_short False
Tsonga (South Africa) ts-ZA latest_short True
Tswana (Latin, South Africa) tn-Latn-ZA latest_long False
Tswana (Latin, South Africa) tn-Latn-ZA latest_long True
Tswana (Latin, South Africa) tn-Latn-ZA latest_short False
Tswana (Latin, South Africa) tn-Latn-ZA latest_short True
Turkish (Turkey) tr-TR command_and_search False
Turkish (Turkey) tr-TR command_and_search True
Turkish (Turkey) tr-TR default False
Turkish (Turkey) tr-TR latest_long False
Turkish (Turkey) tr-TR latest_long True
Turkish (Turkey) tr-TR latest_short False
Turkish (Turkey) tr-TR latest_short True
Ukrainian (Ukraine) uk-UA command_and_search False
Ukrainian (Ukraine) uk-UA command_and_search True
Ukrainian (Ukraine) uk-UA default False
Ukrainian (Ukraine) uk-UA latest_long False
Ukrainian (Ukraine) uk-UA latest_long True
Ukrainian (Ukraine) uk-UA latest_short False
Ukrainian (Ukraine) uk-UA latest_short True
Urdu (India) ur-IN command_and_search False
Urdu (India) ur-IN command_and_search True
Urdu (India) ur-IN default False
Urdu (Pakistan) ur-PK command_and_search False
Urdu (Pakistan) ur-PK command_and_search True
Urdu (Pakistan) ur-PK default False
Uzbek (Uzbekistan) uz-UZ command_and_search False
Uzbek (Uzbekistan) uz-UZ command_and_search True
Uzbek (Uzbekistan) uz-UZ default False
Venda (South Africa) ve-ZA latest_long False
Venda (South Africa) ve-ZA latest_long True
Venda (South Africa) ve-ZA latest_short False
Venda (South Africa) ve-ZA latest_short True
Vietnamese (Vietnam) vi-VN command_and_search False
Vietnamese (Vietnam) vi-VN command_and_search True
Vietnamese (Vietnam) vi-VN default False
Vietnamese (Vietnam) vi-VN latest_long False
Vietnamese (Vietnam) vi-VN latest_long True
Vietnamese (Vietnam) vi-VN latest_short False
Vietnamese (Vietnam) vi-VN latest_short True
Xhosa (South Africa) xh-ZA latest_long False
Xhosa (South Africa) xh-ZA latest_long True
Xhosa (South Africa) xh-ZA latest_short False
Xhosa (South Africa) xh-ZA latest_short True
Zulu (South Africa) zu-ZA command_and_search False
Zulu (South Africa) zu-ZA command_and_search True
Zulu (South Africa) zu-ZA default False