REST Resource: folders.contacts

Resource: Contact

A contact that will receive notifications from Google Cloud.

JSON representation
  "name": string,
  "email": string,
  "notificationCategorySubscriptions": [
    enum (NotificationCategory)
  "languageTag": string,
  "validationState": enum (ValidationState),
  "validateTime": string


Output only. The identifier for the contact. Format: {resourceType}/{resource_id}/contacts/{contact_id}



Required. The email address to send notifications to. The email address does not need to be a Google Account.


enum (NotificationCategory)

Required. The categories of notifications that the contact will receive communications for.



Required. The preferred language for notifications, as a ISO 639-1 language code. See Supported languages for a list of supported languages.


enum (ValidationState)

The validity of the contact. A contact is considered valid if it is the correct recipient for notifications for a particular resource.


string (Timestamp format)

The last time the validationState was updated, either manually or automatically. A contact is considered stale if its validation state was updated more than 1 year ago.

A timestamp in RFC3339 UTC "Zulu" format, with nanosecond resolution and up to nine fractional digits. Examples: "2014-10-02T15:01:23Z" and "2014-10-02T15:01:23.045123456Z".


The notification categories that an essential contact can be subscribed to. Each notification will be categorized by the sender into one of the following categories. All contacts that are subscribed to that category will receive the notification.

NOTIFICATION_CATEGORY_UNSPECIFIED Notification category is unrecognized or unspecified.
ALL All notifications related to the resource, including notifications pertaining to categories added in the future.
SUSPENSION Notifications related to imminent account suspension.
SECURITY Notifications related to security/privacy incidents, notifications, and vulnerabilities.
TECHNICAL Notifications related to technical events and issues such as outages, errors, or bugs.
BILLING Notifications related to billing and payments notifications, price updates, errors, or credits.
LEGAL Notifications related to enforcement actions, regulatory compliance, or government notices.
PRODUCT_UPDATES Notifications related to new versions, product terms updates, or deprecations.
TECHNICAL_INCIDENTS Child category of TECHNICAL. If assigned, technical incident notifications will go to these contacts instead of TECHNICAL.


A contact's validation state indicates whether or not it is the correct contact to be receiving notifications for a particular resource.

VALIDATION_STATE_UNSPECIFIED The validation state is unknown or unspecified.
VALID The contact is marked as valid. This is usually done manually by the contact admin. All new contacts begin in the valid state.
INVALID The contact is considered invalid. This may become the state if the contact's email is found to be unreachable.



Lists all contacts for the resource that are subscribed to the specified notification categories, including contacts inherited from any parent resources.


Adds a new contact for a resource.


Deletes a contact.


Gets a single contact.


Lists the contacts that have been set on a resource.


Updates a contact.


Allows a contact admin to send a test message to contact to verify that it has been configured correctly.