Folder API error details

This topic describes the meaning of the error code strings returned when a folder API operation fails due to a folder constraint violation. When this occurs, a PreconditionFailure explaining the violation will be returned.

If the failure occurs synchronously, then the PreconditionFailure will be returned using the Status.details field. If it occurs asynchronously, then the PreconditionFailure will be returned using the Operation.error field. These values appear as strings in the type field of the PreconditionFailure.Violation message returned in Status.details.

Status string Description
ERROR_TYPE_UNSPECIFIED The error type was unrecognized or unspecified.
ACTIVE_FOLDER_HEIGHT_VIOLATION The attempted action would cause the folder tree to have a depth greater than the maximum of four.
MAX_CHILD_FOLDERS_VIOLATION The attempted action would create a child folder beyond the maximum of 300.
FOLDER_NAME_UNIQUENESS_VIOLATION The attempted action would violate the locally-unique folder display_name constraint.
RESOURCE_DELETED_VIOLATION The resource being moved has been deleted.
PARENT_DELETED_VIOLATION The resource a folder was being added to has been deleted.
CYCLE_INTRODUCED_VIOLATION The attempted action would introduce cycle in resource path.
FOLDER_BEING_MOVED_VIOLATION The attempted action would move a folder that is already being moved.
FOLDER_TO_DELETE_NON_EMPTY_VIOLATION The folder the caller is trying to delete contains active resources or is associated with firewall policies.
DELETED_FOLDER_HEIGHT_VIOLATION The attempted action would violate the max deleted folder depth constraint, where the full folder tree's depth (including deleted folders) can be no more than 8.