Billing questions


The following Policy Intelligence features are only available for customers with organization-level activations of the Premium tier of Security Command Center:

  • Advanced IAM recommender features, including the following:

    • Role recommendations for non-basic roles
    • Recommendations for roles granted on resources other than organizations, folders, and projects—for example, recommendations for roles granted on Cloud Storage buckets
    • Recommendations that suggest custom roles
    • Policy insights
    • Lateral movement insights

    Project-level, folder-level, and organization-level role recommendations for basic roles (Owner, Editor, and Viewer) are available at no charge.

  • Policy Analyzer at scale (above 20 queries per organization per day). This limit is shared among all Policy Analyzer tools.

  • Visualizations for Organization Policy analysis.

All other Policy Intelligence features are offered at no additional charge for all Google Cloud customers. You will be charged only for use of other Google Cloud services. For information about the pricing of other Google Cloud services, see the Google Cloud Pricing Calculator.


To get help with billing questions, use the following resources: