Troubleshoot Cloud Router log messages

This guide is for troubleshooting log messages that appear in Cloud Router logs.

For additional troubleshooting information, see the following:

NOTIFICATION_RECEIVED message appears in Cloud Router logs

A NOTIFICATION_RECEIVED message appears in the Cloud Router logs when the Cloud Router has received a NOTIFICATION message from the BGP peer. The NOTIFICATION message is a signal to Cloud Router that it should stop the BGP session.

When the Cloud Router receives a NOTIFICATION message from its BGP peer, Cloud Router closes the BGP connection with that peer and removes all its learned routes.

The BGP peer can send NOTIFICATION messages for a variety of reasons. For example, the peer might send a "Hold Timer Expired" message.

CONFIG_DISABLED message appears in Cloud Router logs

A CONFIG_DISABLED message indicates that Cloud Router has intentionally stopped the BGP session. By stopping the BGP session, Cloud Router is attempting to immediately communicate an error state to its peer.

This message can appear due to any of the following reasons:

  • A user has disabled the BGP session by using the Cloud Router API, Google Cloud console, or the Google Cloud CLI. See Disabling or removing BGP sessions.

  • For a BGP session set up for Cloud VPN, the VPN tunnel associated with the BGP session has not established an IKE and child security association (SA). To troubleshoot VPN connectivity, see Cloud VPN troubleshooting.

  • For a BGP session set up for Cloud Interconnect, the VLAN attachment is not configured or is in an admin-down state. To troubleshoot the issue further, see Troubleshooting in the Cloud Interconnect documentation.

  • For a BFD-enabled BGP session, the BFD control detection timer on the Cloud Router has expired. When this occurs, the BGP session is stopped. For more information on BFD session states, see BFD diagnostic messages and session states.

A LINK_DOWN message appears in the Cloud Router logs when the link between the Google peering edge router and your VLAN attachment for Cloud Interconnect is down. The peering edge router is networking equipment that is managed by Google inside the colocation facility where you have provisioned your Cloud Interconnect connection.

The LINK_DOWN message is a signal that the corresponding BGP peer status is down. This message applies only to Cloud Interconnect-based BGP sessions.

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