BGP session states

When you check the status of a Cloud Router, the system provides information about the router's Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) peering sessions. This information includes each BGP session's state. The following table explains the possible values of the BGP session state field.

For information about checking Cloud Router status, see View router details.

State Description Corresponding BGP peer status
Connect The BGP peer has been successfully configured, but the BGP session has not yet been established. DOWN
Disabled The BGP peer has been intentionally stopped. For more information, see the documentation about the CONFIG-DISABLED log message. DOWN
Established The BGP peer has been successfully configured, and the BGP session is established. UP
Idle You have successfully configured the BGP peer, but a problem occurred. For example, the state is IDLE if an internal error has prevented Cloud Router from configuring MD5 authentication. (In these cases, the BGP peer status has a statusReason of MD5_AUTH_INTERNAL_PROBLEM.) If the state is IDLE, you do not need to do anything. Cloud Router tries to recover and bring the session back up. For more information, see MD5 authentication. DOWN
The VPN tunnel or Interconnect attachment is unknown. Cloud Router could not find a VPN tunnel or VLAN attachment associated with the peer. DOWN
The VPN Tunnel is not in Established state. The VPN tunnel has gone down. DOWN
This interface or BGP peer is invalid. The Cloud Router has been configured for Network Connectivity Center, but the Cloud Router interface has not been associated with a spoke. DOWN
No interface found for the bgp peer. Cloud Router could not find the interface associated with the peer. DOWN

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