Migrate from other Google Cloud solutions

This page describes the migration options from Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) peering and HA VPN to VPC spokes within Network Connectivity Center.

When your hub is configured for mesh topology and you migrate to VPC spokes, the topology resulting from the migration is a full mesh topology, which means that every VPC spoke is connected to every other VPC spoke. Your starting topology might be different from the final mesh topology because mesh topology establishes additional connectivity.

Migrate from VPC peering

For existing brownfield hub-and-spoke network topology deployments with Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) peering, migrating directly to VPC spokes can cause disruption to existing sessions. If you attempt to configure a VPC network pair as spokes, the Network Connectivity Center hub detects the existing VPC peering and generates an error.

We recommend the following two migration options:

  • Migrate with downtime of existing VPC peering sessions
  • Migrate with zero downtime by using HA VPN

Migrate with downtime of existing VPC peering sessions

If your organization can support a change management window that disrupts VPC-to-VPC communication for a brief window of time, follow these steps.

  1. Schedule a downtime for the migration process.
  2. Delete existing VPC peering.
  3. Configure VPCs as Network Connectivity Center spokes. This enables full mesh connectivity.

Network Connectivity Center ensures that between any pair of VPC networks, there is no existing peering connection.

Migrate with zero downtime by using HA VPN

If your business cannot afford downtime, start your migration by following these steps.

  1. Configure a new HA VPN between two peered VPC networks, for example VPC1 and VPC2.
  2. Delete the existing VPC Network Peering between VPC1 and VPC2. During this time, packets traverse the HA VPN tunnels and inter-VPC connectivity is sustained.
  3. Configure the two VPCs, VPC1 and VPC2, as Network Connectivity Center spokes. For detailed instructions about how to create a VPC spoke, see Propose a spoke. This enables full mesh connectivity.
  4. Delete the HA VPN tunnels.

Migrate from HA VPN

If you are an existing customer using HA VPN tunnels to enable inter-VPC communication, there are two migration patterns available that depend on your existing deployment. Start by determining if the Cloud VPN tunnels are configured as Network Connectivity Center hybrid spokes or standalone HA VPN tunnels.

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