Quotas and limits

To reduce the risk of abuse, Google Cloud enforces limits on the usage of Google Cloud services. New Google Cloud customers using Migrate to Virtual Machines should familiarize themselves with the limits that are applicable to their migration.

Migrate to Virtual Machines uses the following Google Cloud resources which are subject to limits:

Google Cloud Resource How used in Migrate to Virtual Machines
Compute instances Needed to support migrated VMs.
Persistent disks Persistent disks are attached to migrated VMs. Ensure that you set the quota high enough for the persistent disk types you intend to use.
External IP addresses The migration process creates Compute Engine VMs, and can create IP addresses for access over the public Internet (such as for inbound access from your corporate data center).
VPC networks Ensure that your quotas for networks, subnets, IP addresses, and more will support your migration.

Viewing your current quota usage


The quotas page on the Google Cloud console shows your project's current quotas and their usage.

Requesting increases to your quotas

See the Compute Engine documentation for instructions on how to request a quota increase.