Set up NFS platform

Kf supports Kubernetes native NFS, and exposes them with a dedicated nfsvolumebroker service broker for developers to consume. This broker has an nfs service offering which has a service plan named existing.

Use kf marketplace to see the service offering:

$ kf marketplace
Broker           Name  Namespace  Description
nfsvolumebroker  nfs              mout nfs shares

Use kf marketplace -s nfs to see the service plan:

$ kf marketplace -s nfs
Broker           Name      Free  Description
nfsvolumebroker  existing  true  mount existing nfs server


You need an NFS volume that can be accessed by your Kubernetes cluster. Filestore is Google's managed NFS solution that provides access to clusters in the same gcloud project.

Prepare NFS

If you have an existing NFS service, you can use that. If you want a Google managed NFS service, create a Filestore instance and Kf will automaticlaly configure the cluster to use it.

What's next?