Create and use monitoring dashboards

You can use Cloud Monitoring dashboards to create custom dashboards and charts. Kf comes with a default template which can be used to create dashboards to monitor the performance of your applications.

Application performance dashboard

Run the following commands to deploy a dashboard in your monitoring workspace in Cloud monitoring dashboards to monitor performance of your apps. This dashboard has application performance metrics like requests/sec, round trip latency, HTTP error codes, and more.

git clone
cd ./kf/dashboards
./ my-dashboard my-cluster my-space

System resources and performance dashboard

You can view all the system resources and performance metrics such as list of nodes, pods, containers and much more using a built-in dashboard. Click the link below to access the system dashboard.

System dashboard

More details about this dashboard can be found here.

Create SLO and alerts

You can create SLOs and Alerts on available metrics to monitor performance and availability of both system and applications. For example, you can use the metrics to setup an alert on the application roundtrip latency.

Configure dashboard access control

Follow these instructions to provide dashboard access to developers and other members on the team. The role roles/monitoring.dashboardViewer provides read-only access to dashboards.