Cloud Logging API

Writes log entries and manages your Cloud Logging configuration.


The Service name is needed to create RPC client stubs.


GetIamPolicy Gets the access control policy for a resource.
SetIamPolicy Sets the access control policy on the specified resource.
TestIamPermissions Returns permissions that a caller has on the specified resource.


CopyLogEntries Copies a set of log entries from a log bucket to a Cloud Storage bucket.
CreateBucket Creates a log bucket that can be used to store log entries.
CreateBucketAsync Creates a log bucket asynchronously that can be used to store log entries.
CreateExclusion Creates a new exclusion in the _Default sink in a specified parent resource.
CreateLink Asynchronously creates a linked dataset in BigQuery which makes it possible to use BigQuery to read the logs stored in the log bucket.
CreateSavedQuery Creates a new SavedQuery for the user making the request.
CreateSink Creates a sink that exports specified log entries to a destination.
CreateView Creates a view over log entries in a log bucket.
DeleteBucket Deletes a log bucket.
DeleteExclusion Deletes an exclusion in the _Default sink.
DeleteLink Deletes a link.
DeleteSavedQuery Deletes an existing SavedQuery that was created by the user making the request.
DeleteSink Deletes a sink.
DeleteView Deletes a view on a log bucket.
GetBucket Gets a log bucket.
GetCmekSettings Gets the Logging CMEK settings for the given resource.
GetExclusion Gets the description of an exclusion in the _Default sink.
GetLink Gets a link.
GetSettings Gets the settings for the given resource.
GetSink Gets a sink.
GetView Gets a view on a log bucket.
ListBuckets Lists log buckets.
ListExclusions Lists all the exclusions on the _Default sink in a parent resource.
ListLinks Lists links.
ListRecentQueries Lists the RecentQueries that were created by the user making the request.
ListSavedQueries Lists the SavedQueries that were created by the user making the request.
ListSinks Lists sinks.
ListViews Lists views on a log bucket.
UndeleteBucket Undeletes a log bucket.
UpdateBucket Updates a log bucket.
UpdateBucketAsync Updates a log bucket asynchronously.
UpdateCmekSettings Updates the Log Router CMEK settings for the given resource.
UpdateExclusion Changes one or more properties of an existing exclusion in the _Default sink.
UpdateSettings Updates the settings for the given resource.
UpdateSink Updates a sink.
UpdateView Updates a view on a log bucket.


DeleteLog Deletes all the log entries in a log for the _Default Log Bucket.
ListLogEntries Lists log entries.
ListLogs Lists the logs in projects, organizations, folders, or billing accounts.
ListMonitoredResourceDescriptors Lists the descriptors for monitored resource types used by Logging.
TailLogEntries Streaming read of log entries as they are received.
WriteLogEntries Writes log entries to Logging.


CreateLogMetric Creates a logs-based metric.
DeleteLogMetric Deletes a logs-based metric.
GetLogMetric Gets a logs-based metric.
ListLogMetrics Lists logs-based metrics.
UpdateLogMetric Creates or updates a logs-based metric.




CancelOperation Starts asynchronous cancellation on a long-running operation.
DeleteOperation Deletes a long-running operation.
GetOperation Gets the latest state of a long-running operation.
ListOperations Lists operations that match the specified filter in the request.
WaitOperation Waits until the specified long-running operation is done or reaches at most a specified timeout, returning the latest state.