Get support

This page shows you how to get support for GKE Enterprise.

Get a Google support package

Google Cloud offers a variety of support packages to accommodate your support needs. All Cloud Customer Care packages include support for GKE Enterprise. If you have an existing Google Cloud Support package, you already have support for GKE Enterprise, including GKE and Google Distributed Cloud.

For more information, see the Cloud Customer Care documentation.

View product specific support

To learn about support for the components included in GKE Enterprise, see the following support pages:

Support for GKE attached clusters

Your Google Cloud support includes support for any GKE Enterprise components deployed on GKE Enterprise attached clusters, though not for the clusters themselves.

Giving Cloud Customer Care access to your clusters

When troubleshooting a problem, you might sometimes need to give Cloud Customer Care temporary read-only access to cluster snapshot data or to the cluster itself to help triage your issue. Find out how to do this in Giving Cloud Customer Care access to your clusters or Giving Cloud Customer Care access to your snapshots.

Version Support Policy

The objective of this Version Support Policy is to give you the flexibility to schedule upgrades when it meets your business needs, while balancing the rapid evolution of both Kubernetes and GKE Enterprise.

Google publishes a new major (for example, x in version x.y) or minor (for example, y in version x.y) GKE Enterprise release three times a year around the months of April, August, and December, with a monthly patch release (for example, z in version x.y.z) for supported minor versions. The Kubernetes community might revise their version support calendar at times, which might impact the GKE Enterprise release and support schedule.

Starting with GKE Enterprise version 1.14, Google supports each GKE Enterprise minor version for 12 months after the initial release of the minor version, or until the release of the third subsequent minor version, whichever is longer.

We encourage you to maintain your GKE Enterprise environment with the product's latest major or minor release. You can find out about the latest supported versions for each component and how to upgrade in the component's documentation.

This version support policy includes:

  • Break/fix support from Cloud Customer Care.
  • CVE security vulnerabilities to Kubernetes and related components.
  • General patches to Kubernetes and related components.
  • CVE security vulnerabilities to Ubuntu or Container-Optimized OS.
  • General patches to Ubuntu or Container-Optimized OS.

GKE Enterprise minor release schedule

The following table shows upcoming minor releases for GKE Enterprise and the earliest end-of-life (EOL) dates:

GKE Enterprise version GKE Enterprise release date End of life date*
1.14 2022-12 2023-12 or 1.28 release date
1.15 2023-04 2024-04 or 1.29 release date
1.16 2023-08 2024-08 or 1.30 release date
1.28 2023-12 2024-12 or 1.31 release date
1.29 2024-05 2025-05 or 1.32 release date

* The EOL will be the later of these two dates.

† We have aligned our GKE Enterprise version numbering with the GKE version number starting with Anthos 1.17, which is now GKE Enterprise 1.28. This is a numbering change only and upgrades from 1.16 to 1.28 are carried out using the same process as upgrades between prior minor releases.

Shared responsibility model

Running a business-critical production application on GKE Enterprise requires multiple parties to carry different responsibilities. These responsibilities are described at GKE Enterprise shared responsibility.