GDC Ready partners

The Google Distributed Cloud (GDC) Ready (formerly Anthos Ready) designation identifies partner solutions and products that adhere to Google Cloud's interoperability requirements, and have been qualified to work with GDC in order to meet the infrastructure and application development needs of enterprise customers. Partner solutions that complete and maintain the applicable validation suites are awarded the Works with GDC badge.

GDC Ready platform

GDC Ready platform partners let GDC users (on both VMware and bare metal) leverage existing hardware investments in their own data centers with partners who have tested and validated GDC on their solution stack. Qualified partners also provide solution briefs and reference architectures, giving you a choice of hardware to meet your specific needs.

You can find out more about this program, including qualification requirements and qualified solutions in GDC Ready platform partners.

GDC Ready storage

Container Storage Interface (CSI) is an open industry standard for vendors to expose their block and file storage to container orchestration systems such as Kubernetes. This standard and the GDC Ready storage initiative give Google Distributed Cloud users (on both VMware and bare metal) the flexibility to work with the storage provider of their choice and leverage existing technology investments.

You can find out more about this program, including qualification requirements and qualified solutions in GDC Ready storage partners.

GDC Ready networking solutions

GDC Ready networking helps bring load balancer support to Google Distributed Cloud from partners including Citrix and F5. These partnerships provide you with the flexibility to enable the load balancer provider of your choice, or leverage existing investments in on-premises networking and security infrastructure.

Find out how to configure and deploy our partner solutions in our Load balancing installation guides.

GDC Ready solutions in the Google Cloud Marketplace

Visit the Google Cloud Marketplace to discover, deploy, and use verified GDC Ready Kubernetes applications for security and identity, data, analytics, developer tools, and IT ops. Kubernetes applications are enterprise-ready containerized solutions with pre-built deployment templates, featuring capabilities such as portability, simplified licensing, and consolidated billing.

Becoming a GDC Ready partner

Eligible Google Cloud partners can participate in the GDC Ready partner initiative to qualify and promote their solutions by meeting the requirements defined for applicable categories: platform, storage, networking, and software applications published to the Google Cloud Marketplace. Each category requires successful completion of specific integration and interoperability testing.

If you are already a Google Cloud partner and are interested in participating, contact your Partner Manager. If you are not already a partner, you can start the application process by filling in our enrollment form.