Get support

This page shows you how to get support for Config Sync.

Before contacting support

Before contacting support, you can try and resolve issues yourself. For troubleshooting tips, see Troubleshoot Config Sync.

Support options

Google Cloud offers a variety of support packages to accommodate your support needs.

Enabling Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) Enterprise edition in your project gives you access to Google Cloud Support for Config Sync.

For open source Config Sync, you can get support by checking for existing issues or opening a new issue in the public GitHub issue tracker.

What Google doesn't support

Google doesn't support issues with customer-owned YAML file configurations.

If you install open source products, such as open source Config Sync or other tools like kpt, you can get community support for these products:

We recommend that you use Config Sync version 1.18.0.

Version support policy

Support for Config Sync follows the GKE Enterprise Version Support Policy. Google supports each Config Sync minor version for 12 months after the initial release of the minor version, or until the release of the third subsequent minor version, whichever is longer.

The following table shows the supported versions of Config Sync and the earliest end-of-life (EOL) date for a version:

Release version Release date Earliest end of life date
1.18 May 3, 2024 May 3, 2025
1.17 December 11, 2023 December 11, 2024
1.16 August 17, 2023 August 17, 2024

Unsupported versions

If you are on an unsupported version, then you must upgrade to a supported version to receive support. For information on how to upgrade, see Installing Config Sync.

The following table shows the unsupported versions of Config Sync and their end-of-life (EOL) date:

Release version Release date Earliest end of life date
1.15 May 4, 2023 Unsupported (May 4, 2024)
1.14 December 8, 2022 Unsupported (December 11, 2023)
1.13 September 15, 2022 Unsupported (August 17, 2023)
1.12 June 30, 2022 Unsupported (May 4, 2023)
1.11 March 24, 2022 Unsupported (December 08, 2022)
1.10 December 9, 2021 Unsupported (September 15, 2022)
1.9 September 23, 2021 Unsupported (June 30, 2022)
1.8 July 01, 2021 Unsupported (March 24, 2022)
1.7 April 05, 2021 Unsupported (December 9, 2021)
1.6 December 10, 2020 Unsupported (September 23, 2021)
1.5 September 24, 2020 Unsupported (July 01, 2021)
1.4 June 25, 2020 Unsupported (April 05, 2021)
1.3 March 24, 2020 Unsupported (December 10, 2020)
1.2 December 20, 2019 Unsupported (September 24, 2020)
1.1 September 19, 2019 Unsupported (June 25, 2020)
1.0 June 14, 2019 Unsupported (March 24, 2020)

Community resources

Ask a question on Stack Overflow

If you use kpt or Kustomize, you can use Stack Overflow tags to receive responses from the Stack Overflow community. This community includes Google engineers, who monitor the tag and offer unofficial support. You can use the following tags:

File bugs or feature requests

You can submit a product issue by using one of the following procedures:

  • Config Sync issues and feature requests: Check for existing issues or open new issues in the public issue trackers For new issues, consider including a bug report by using the nomos bugreport command.

  • Documentation issues: On the documentation page, select Send feedback. This action opens a feedback form. The Config Management team reviews and takes action on your comments.

Billing questions

Use the following resources to get help with billing questions:

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