Get support

This page shows you how to get support for Config Controller.

Before contacting support

Before contacting support, you can try and resolve issues yourself. For troubleshooting tips, see Troubleshoot Config Controller and Troubleshoot Config Connector.

Support options

Google Cloud offers a variety of support packages to accommodate your support needs.

Enabling Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) Enterprise edition in your project gives you access to Google Cloud Support for Config Controller. Additionally, Google manages the lifecycle of the cluster that backs your Config Controller instance including upgrading the cluster and installing the latest version of Google-managed operators.

For open source Config Connector, you can get support by checking for existing issues or opening a new issue in the public GitHub issue tracker.

What Google doesn't support

Google doesn't support issues with customer-owned YAML file configurations.

Unsupported changes to Config Controller instances

Because Config Controller is a managed offering, you shouldn't make changes to the Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) cluster that backs your Config Controller instance. To ensure you can receive Google Cloud Support services, you should avoid the following:

  • Deleting a Config Controller instance with the GKE API or associated Google Cloud CLI. If you want to delete a Config Controller instance, you should use gcloud anthos config controller delete.
  • Registering a Config Controller instance to a fleet or enabling any fleet features.
  • Changing the cluster settings of the Config Controller instance, for example projects.locations.clusters.update.
  • Creating or deleting the nodepool of a Config Controller instance, for example projects.locations.clusters.nodePools.delete.

Don't edit, update, or delete the following namespaces and resources contained within those namespaces:

  • cnrm-system
  • config-management-monitoring
  • config-management-system (you can edit, update, or delete rootsync and secret resources)
  • configconnector-operator-system
  • gatekeeper-system
  • krmapihosting-monitoring
  • krmapihosting-system
  • kube-node-lease
  • kube-system
  • resource-group-system

Don't edit, update, or delete the following cluster-scoped APIs:

  • MutatingWebhookConfigurations
  • ValidatingWebhookConfigurations

Don't edit, update, or delete the following custom resources used by API groups:

  • *

Don't delete the following Objects:

  • Kind: ConfigConnector (Cluster Scoped), Name:

File bugs or feature requests

You can submit a product issue by using one of the following procedures:

  • Config Controller issues and feature requests: Check for existing issues or open new issues.

  • Config Connector issues and feature requests: Check for existing issues or open new issues in the public issue trackers.

  • Documentation issues: On the documentation page, select Send feedback. This action opens a feedback form. The Config Management team reviews and takes action on your comments.

Billing questions

Use the following resources to get help with billing questions:

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