Method: cryptoKeys.updatePrimaryVersion

Full name: projects.locations.keyRings.cryptoKeys.updatePrimaryVersion

Update the version of a CryptoKey that will be used in cryptoKeys.encrypt.

Returns an error if called on a key whose purpose is not ENCRYPT_DECRYPT.

HTTP request

The URLs use gRPC Transcoding syntax.

Path parameters



Required. The resource name of the CryptoKey to update.

Authorization requires the following IAM permission on the specified resource name:

  • cloudkms.cryptoKeys.update

Request body

The request body contains data with the following structure:

JSON representation
  "cryptoKeyVersionId": string


Required. The id of the child CryptoKeyVersion to use as primary.

Response body

If successful, the response body contains an instance of CryptoKey.

Authorization scopes

Requires one of the following OAuth scopes:


For more information, see the Authentication Overview.