Package (2.40.0)

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This package is not the recommended entry point to using this client library!

For this library, we recommend using for new applications.

Client Classes

Client classes are the main entry point to using a package. They contain several variations of Java methods for each of the API's methods.

Client Description Client for reading from and writing to existing Bigtable tables.

This class provides the ability to make remote calls to the backing service. Sample code to get started:

Settings Classes

Settings classes can be used to configure credentials, endpoints, and retry settings for a Client.

Settings Description Settings class to configure an instance of BigtableDataClient.

Sane defaults are provided for most settings:


Class Description A factory to create multiple BigtableDataClient instances that all share the same channel pool.

This allows multiple client instances to share the same gRPC channel pool, which makes client Builder for BigtableDataSettings.