proto-google-common-protos overview (2.41.0)

Common Protos Description: Protobuf classes for Google's common protos.

Common Protos Product Reference GitHub Repository (includes samples) Maven artifact

Getting Started

In order to use this library, you first need to go through the following steps:

Which version ID should I get started with?

For this library, we recommend using for new applications.

Understanding Version ID and Library Versions

When using a Cloud client library, it's important to distinguish between two types of versions:

  • Library Version: The version of the software package (the client library) that helps you interact with the Cloud service. These libraries are released and updated frequently with bug fixes, improvements, and support for new service features and versions. The version selector at the top of this page represents the client library version.
  • Version ID: The version of the Cloud service itself (e.g. Common Protos). New Version IDs are introduced infrequently, and often involve changes to the core functionality and structure of the Cloud service itself. The packages in the lefthand navigation represent packages tied to a specific Version ID of the Cloud service.

Managing Library Versions

We recommend using the installation method detailed above to streamline dependency management across multiple Cloud Java client libraries. This ensures compatibility and simplifies updates.

Choosing the Right Version ID

Each Cloud Java client library may contain packages tied to specific Version IDs (e.g., v1, v2alpha). For new production applications, use the latest stable Version ID. This is identified by the highest version number without a suffix (like "alpha" or "beta"). You can read more about Cloud API versioning strategy here.

Important: Unstable Version ID releases (those with suffixes) are subject to breaking changes when upgrading. Use them only for testing or if you specifically need their experimental features.