Vertex AI Search locations

This page lists the locations where Vertex AI Search is available. For locations supported by Vertex AI Agents, see the Dialogflow region reference.

Vertex AI Search supports data residency at-rest when using multi-region APIs as described below.

If you don't have compliance or regulatory reasons to locate your data in the US or EU multi-region, Google recommends that you choose the global location. This is because the global location provides better end-user response times and the full feature set. See Limitations for multi-regions.


The following table lists the multi-regions where Vertex AI Agent Builder is available.

Multi-region description Multi-region name
API availability in the European Union eu
API availability in the United States us

Specify a multi-region for your data store

To confine your at-rest data to the US or EU multi-region, follow these steps:

  1. If you create the data store through the Google Cloud console, then choose us (multiple regions in the United States) or eu (multiple regions in the European Union) when you pick your app location.

    For more information, see Create a search app.

  2. For API calls, replace discoveryengine with eu-discoveryengine or us-discoveryengine and replace global with eu or us.

    For example, the path for the calls is:…


    instead of…
  3. Review the limitations associated with using a specific multi-region.

Limitations for multi-regions

The following features of Vertex AI Search are supported globally but are not supported for the US and EU multi-regions or are supported in the multi-regions in Preview:

  • Autocomplete: Although autocomplete is available in the US and EU multi-regions, the tail match suggestions and the advanced autocomplete document data mode features cannot be used in multi-regions. For general information about autocomplete, see Configure autocomplete.

  • Feedback buttons on the widget: You can't enable feedback on the widget. For general information about the feedback buttons, see Configure widget feedback.

  • Basic website search: For websites, you must use Advanced website indexing. Basic site search is not available. For general information about Advanced website indexing, see Advanced website indexing.

  • User events: User events don't affect search results.

  • Dynamic facets: Even if a field is set to Dynamic Facetable, Vertex AI Search does not use that field as a dynamic facet.

  • Analytics: Search analytics are available in Public preview in US and EU multi-regions. Viewing media recommendations analytics is global only. For general information about analytics, see View analytics.

  • Media: Media data stores are global only. You can't create media data stores for the US or EU multi-regions. For general information about media data stores, see Create media apps and data stores and About media documents and data stores.

  • Search tuning: You can't do search tuning for data stores in the US or EU multi-regions. For general information about doing search tuning for global data stores, see Improve search results with search tuning.

Using multi-region APIs might not produce identical results to the global API.