Method: processors.process

Full name: projects.locations.processors.process

Processes a single document.

HTTP request

POST https://{endpoint}/v1/{name}:process

Where {endpoint} is one of the supported service endpoints.

Path parameters



Required. The resource name of the Processor or ProcessorVersion to use for processing. If a Processor is specified, the server will use its default version. Format: projects/{project}/locations/{location}/processors/{processor}, or projects/{project}/locations/{location}/processors/{processor}/processorVersions/{processorVersion} It takes the form projects/{project}/locations/{location}/processors/{processor}.

Authorization requires one or more of the following IAM permissions on the specified resource name:

  • documentai.processors.processOnline
  • documentai.processorVersions.processOnline

Request body

The request body contains data with the following structure:

JSON representation
  "skipHumanReview": boolean,
  "fieldMask": string,
  "processOptions": {
    object (ProcessOptions)
  "labels": {
    string: string,

  // Union field source can be only one of the following:
  "inlineDocument": {
    object (Document)
  "rawDocument": {
    object (RawDocument)
  "gcsDocument": {
    object (GcsDocument)
  // End of list of possible types for union field source.


Whether human review should be skipped for this request. Default to false.


string (FieldMask format)

Specifies which fields to include in the ProcessResponse.document output. Only supports top-level document and pages field, so it must be in the form of {document_field_name} or pages.{page_field_name}.

This is a comma-separated list of fully qualified names of fields. Example: "user.displayName,photo".


object (ProcessOptions)

Inference-time options for the process API


map (key: string, value: string)

Optional. The labels with user-defined metadata for the request.

Label keys and values can be no longer than 63 characters (Unicode codepoints) and can only contain lowercase letters, numeric characters, underscores, and dashes. International characters are allowed. Label values are optional. Label keys must start with a letter.

Union field source. The document payload. source can be only one of the following:

object (Document)

An inline document proto.


object (RawDocument)

A raw document content (bytes).


object (GcsDocument)

A raw document on Google Cloud Storage.

Response body

If successful, the response body contains an instance of ProcessResponse.

Authorization scopes

Requires the following OAuth scope:


For more information, see the Authentication Overview.

IAM Permissions

Requires one of the following IAM permissions on the name resource, depending on the resource type:

  • documentai.processors.processOnline
  • documentai.processorVersions.processOnline

For more information, see the IAM documentation.