View operations on managed zones

Cloud DNS records managed zone updates that you make (modifying descriptions or configuring DNSSEC state) as operations. Managed zone creation and deletion are not recorded; deletion of a managed zone also deletes recorded operations on the zone.

These operations are independent of changes that you make to the resources within the managed zone. You can use the Google Cloud CLI or the REST API to see the history of these updates.

Display audit log of operations


Run the following command:

gcloud dns operations list --zones="ZONE_NAME"

Replace ZONE_NAME with the name of a DNS zone in your project.

This command prints the JSON formatted resource record sets for the first 100 records. You can specify an additional parameter:

  • --limit: maximum number of operations to list


from apiclient import errors
from apiclient.discovery import build


  service = build('dns', 'v1')
  response = service.operations().list(project=PROJECT_NAME,
except errors.HttpError, error:
  print('An error occurred: %s' % error)

Replace the following:

  • PROJECT_NAME: the name of your project
  • ZONE_NAME: the name of a DNS zone in your project

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