Quotas and limits

This page contains usage quota and limits that apply when using Cloud Deploy.

Quotas for Cloud Deploy are based on deployment minutes. Deployment minutes are calculated as the total number of minutes utilized, per delivery pipeline, for executing render and deploy operations, and the associated orchestration between Cloud Deploy and its related underlying services.

Quota on active delivery pipelines

Each active delivery pipeline is limited to 200 deployment minutes per day. When this quota is filled, deployment requests are no longer fulfilled.

To see quota usage for your pipelines, go to the Quotas page in Google Cloud console, filter the table to show "Cloud Deploy API" and look for the "Deployment seconds per delivery pipeline per day" in the Quota column.

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As you increasingly use Google Cloud over time, your quota usage might increase accordingly. If you expect a notable upcoming increase in usage, you can request quota adjustments from Support.

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For more information, see Working with quotas.