Configure a source Oracle database

This section describes how to configure your source Oracle database so that Datastream can pull data from it. Datastream can pull changes to data from on-premises or cloud-hosted Oracle databases, including Oracle relational database service (RDS).

Configure a source Oracle database

Before you can use Datastream to pull data from your source Oracle database, you must configure your database by:

  • Setting up archive logging to track changes in your database, such as the INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, and RENAME operations.
  • Granting the appropriate privileges to the user account that will be used to connect to your database.
  • Granting your user account SELECT access to the DBA_EXTENTS view in your database.
  • Defining a data retention policy for your database to determine which data will be archived, how long it will be kept, should the data at the end of the retention period be archived or destroyed, and so on.

Datastream works with the following types of Oracle databases:

For information about how to configure each of these Oracle database types, see their respective pages.