Enable Dataplex

This page explains how to enable or disable Dataplex for your Google Cloud project. For information about Service Usage on Google Cloud, see Enabling and disabling services.

Before you begin

Enable Dataplex

You can use an existing project with Dataplex or create a new one. In both cases, you need to enable the Dataplex API. We recommended that you create a new project.

To keep resources created by the lake within your project, separate from one another, create a project per lake instance.

To create a project and enable the Dataplex API:

  1. In the Google Cloud console, select or create a project.
  2. Make sure that billing is enabled for your project.
  3. To activate the Dataplex API in a new or existing project, go to the API overview page for Dataplex.
  4. Click Enable.
  5. Similarly enable the following APIs
    1. Dataproc
    2. Dataproc Metastore
    3. Data Catalog

Disable Dataplex

To avoid additional charges, complete the following steps before you disable the Dataplex API.

  1. In the Google Cloud console, delete each lake instance in your project. To delete a lake, you must first delete the individual assets and zones.

  2. Select the project to disable the Dataplex API in.

  3. Go to the API overview page for Dataplex.

  4. Click Manage.

  5. Click Disable API.

What's next?