SAP Ariba Batch Source reference

The Ariba Batch Source plugin lets you integrate bulk data from SAP Ariba applications with Cloud Data Fusion. You can configure and execute bulk data transfers from Ariba without any coding.

For more information, see Connect to SAP Ariba.


Property Macro enabled Description
Label No Required. A name for the Ariba node in the Cloud Data Fusion data pipeline.
Use connection (On/Off toggle) No Whether to use an existing connection (see Manage connections).
Connections (browse connections) Yes Choose the existing connection to use.
Token Endpoint Yes Required. Token path of the Ariba API.
API Endpoint Yes Required. Specifies the base path of the Ariba API, similar to the following:
Ariba Client ID Yes Required. The Ariba client ID.
Ariba Client Secret Yes Required. The Ariba client secret.
Ariba API Key Yes Required. The Ariba application key.
Realm Yes Required. The Realm name from which the data is extracted, similar to the following: S4VALL.
System Type No Required. The type of system the Ariba instance runs on: Production or Sandbox.
Reference Name No Required. Uniquely identifies the source for lineage, annotating metadata.
View Template Name Yes Required. The Name of the view template from which data is extracted, similar to the following: RequestFactSystemView.
From Date Yes The start date of the extraction, similar to the following: 2021-12-01T00:00:00Z.
To Date Yes The end date of the extraction, similar to the following: 2022-03-29T00:00:00Z.

Data Type Mapping

Ariba Data Type Cloud Data Fusion Schema Data Type
Number Double
Boolean Boolean
String String
Array Array
Date Timestamp
Object Record


For more information about the SAP Ariba Analytical Reporting API limits, see the SAP documentation. The following rate limits affect your Cloud Data Fusion pipelines.

Time span limits

The number of transactions posted within a certain time period must not exceed the limit.

The time span limit between From Date and To Date is one year. Exceeding the limit results in a validation error. For example, entering the following filter results in a validation error because the time span is greater than one year: TimeCreated >= 2021-12-01T00:00:00Z and TimeCreated <= 2022-03-29T00:00:00Z.

API rate limits

Job submission limits: 1 per second, 2 per minute, 8 per hour, 40 per day.

When the limits are exceeded during a job, the pipeline fails.

The data extraction limit for one day is two million records. For example: 40 API calls per day * 50,000 records extracted per API call = 2,000,000 (2 million) records per day.

Rate limits are restored regularly at 00:00 AM in the timezone of the SAP Ariba data center.

Volume limits