Glossary of Terms

Asset: Any device or system within your enterprise that can connect to the network.

AIS: Automated Indicator Sharing

BPF: Berkeley Packet Filter

CEE: Customer Experience Engineers

DHS: Department of Homeland Security

EAP: Early Access Program

EDR: Endpoint detection and response

EPS: Events Per Second

ET: Emerging Threat

FQDN: Fully Qualified Domain Name

IOC: Indicator of Compromise

MSSP: Managed Security Service Provider

PCAP: Packet Capture

Prevalence: Measure of the number of assets within your enterprise connected to a specific domain over the past seven days.

QPM: Queries Per Minute

QPS: Queries Per Second

SSO: Single Sign-on

TPD: Top Private Domain

TLD: Top Level Domain

WHOIS: A protocol used to query the databases that store the registered users and assignees of an Internet resource such as a domain name, IP address, or autonomous system.