Blockchain Node Engine node upgrades and maintenance

This page describes processes and requirements regarding Blockchain Node Engine upgrades and maintenance windows.

Node maintenance

Blockchain node maintenance occurs when the Blockchain Node Engine instance is updated. This includes:

  • Upgrades of blockchain client software itself (e.g. an Ethereum upgrade)
  • Updates to Blockchain Node Engine business logic. For example:
    • New features
    • Bug fixes
    • Routine maintenance
    • GKE cluster software updates
  • Maintenance updates on the underlying infrastructure

Node downtime

Although it is not common, node upgrades can cause downtime from as little as a minute or less to up to 40 minutes. In some cases, the node pod itself does not need to be restarted and there is no downtime.

Maintenance windows

We plan to provide updates during regular windows as follows; however, there could also be unplanned urgent updates. We will provide as much notice as possible.

Location Day Time Expected downtime
us-central1 First monday of each month (1) 9 - 10AM PST Minutes
europe-west1 First monday of each month (1) 10 - 11AM PST Minutes
asia-east1 First monday of each month (1) 11AM - 12PM PST Minutes

(1) If it falls on a holiday, the next business day.