Delete a blockchain node

This page describes how to delete a Blockchain Node Engine node using the console or an API call.

Using the console

To delete a node using the console:

  1. In the Google Cloud console, go to the Blockchain Node Engine page.

    Go to Blockchain Node Engine

  2. The Nodes list page is displayed by default.

    Blockchain Node Engine Nodes list user interface

  3. Click More > Delete next to the desired node.

  4. Type the node name in the confirmation dialog and then click Delete node.

Using an API

To delete a blockchain node using DeleteBlockchainNode, send the following request:

curl -X DELETE \
  -H "Authorization: Bearer $(gcloud auth print-access-token)" \
  -H "Content-Type: application/json" \\


  • PROJECT_ID is your Google Cloud project ID. For example, my-project-id.
  • LOCATION is the location in which your resources are hosted. For example, us-central1.
  • NODE_NAME is the name of the node you created in Create a blockchain node. For example, my-node.

Here is a sample response to the above command:

  "name": "projects/my-project-id/locations/us-central1/operations/
  "metadata": {
    "@type": "
    "createTime": "2022-11-29T14:01:47.448829624Z",
    "target": "projects/my-project-id/locations/us-central1/blockchainNodes/
    "verb": "delete",
    "requestedCancellation": false,
    "apiVersion": "v1"
  "done": false