Disable Binary Authorization (GKE)

This page explains how to disable Binary Authorization on a cluster running in Google Kubernetes Engine.

To disable Binary Authorization on a running cluster, follow these steps.


  1. Open the GKE page in the Google Cloud console.

    Go to GKE

  2. Click the edit button for the name of the cluster where you want to modify. The button looks like a pencil.

  3. Set Enable Binary Authorization to Disabled.

    Disable Binary Authorization option

  4. Click Save.


Enter the following:

gcloud beta container clusters update \
    --project=PROJECT_ID \
    --binauthz-evaluation-mode=DISABLED \
    --zone ZONE \


  • PROJECT_ID is the ID of the project where the cluster is running
  • ZONE is the GKE zone (for example, us-central1-a)
  • CLUSTER_NAME is the name of the cluster you want to create (for example, test-cluster)

If you have CV enabled, running this command disables it. For more information, see Manage CV platform policies.