Bigtable Status Codes

Returned codes

The Cloud Bigtable API (Data API) returns the following gRPC status codes.

Code Status Category Description
  1. Not included in the system error rate metrics reported on the Google Cloud console Monitoring page.
  2. Not included in the user error rate metrics reported on the Google Cloud console Monitoring page.
0 OK Not an error Success.
1 CANCELLED System error1 The operation was cancelled, typically by the caller. An operation that exceeds its deadline may return with a CANCELLED or DEADLINE_EXCEEDED error depending on whether the client library or server cancelled the operation. See the DEADLINE_EXCEEDED description for additional troubleshooting information.
2 UNKNOWN System error Unknown.
3 INVALID_ARGUMENT User error The client specified an invalid argument.
4 DEADLINE_EXCEEDED System error1 The deadline expired before the operation could complete. For operations that change the state of the system, this error may be returned even if the operation has completed successfully. For example, a server could delay a successful response long enough for the deadline to expire.
5 NOT_FOUND User error Some requested entity was not found.
6 ALREADY_EXISTS User error2 The entity that a client attempted to create already exists.
7 PERMISSION_DENIED User error The caller does not have permission to execute the specified operation. This error code does not imply the following:
  • Request is valid
  • Requested entity exists
  • Request satisfies other pre-conditions
8 RESOURCE_EXHAUSTED User error A resource has been exhausted. This can indicate that your application has exhausted a project-level admin API quota, node limit, or node storage limit.
9 FAILED PRECONDITION2 User error The operation was rejected because the system is not in a state required for the operation's execution. Depending on the circumstance, you might want to retry. For example, you can encounter this error if you attempt to perform operations on a table while it is still being created.
10 ABORTED System error The operation was aborted, typically due to a concurrency issue, such as a sequencer check failure or transaction abort, or if a read takes too long.
11 OUT_OF_RANGE User error The operation was attempted past the valid range.
12 UNIMPLEMENTED System error The operation is not implemented or is not supported/enabled in this service.
13 INTERNAL System error Internal errors.
14 UNAVAILABLE System error The service might be down or temporarily overloaded.