RetryingMutateRowsOperation (Cloud Bigtable HBase Client for Java 1.12.0 API)

Class RetryingMutateRowsOperation

    • Constructor Detail

      • RetryingMutateRowsOperation

        public RetryingMutateRowsOperation(RetryOptions retryOptions,
                                           BigtableAsyncRpc<,> retryableRpc,
                                           io.grpc.CallOptions callOptions,
                                           ScheduledExecutorService retryExecutorService,
                                           io.grpc.Metadata originalMetadata,
    • Method Detail

      • onMessage

        public void onMessage( message)
        onMessage in class io.grpc.ClientCall.Listener<>
      • getRetryRequest

        protected getRetryRequest()
        getRetryRequest in class AbstractRetryingOperation<,,List<>>
      • onOK

        protected boolean onOK(io.grpc.Metadata trailers)
        Description copied from class: AbstractRetryingOperation
        A subclass has the opportunity to perform the final operations it needs now that the RPC is successfully complete. If a subclass has to retry, due to the message, this method will return false
        Specified by:
        onOK in class AbstractRetryingOperation<,,List<>>
        true if the operation was really completed.