BulkRead (Cloud Bigtable HBase Client for Java 1.12.0 API)


Class BulkRead

  • public class BulkRead
    extends Object
    This class combines a collection of ReadRowsRequests with a single row key into a single ReadRowsRequest with a RowSet which will result in fewer round trips. This class is not thread safe, and requires calling classes to make it thread safe.
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      • LOG

        protected static final Logger LOG
        Constant LOG
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      • add

        public com.google.api.core.ApiFuture<FlatRow> add(com.google.cloud.bigtable.data.v2.models.Query query)
        Adds the key in the request to a batch read. The future will be resolved when the batch response is received.
        query - a Query with a single row key.
        a ApiFuture that will be populated with the FlatRow that corresponds to the request
      • flush

        public void flush()
        Sends all remaining requests to the server. This method does not wait for the method to complete.
      • getBatchSizes

        public int getBatchSizes()