RetryOptions.Builder (Cloud Bigtable HBase Client for Java 1.12.0 API)

Class RetryOptions.Builder

  • Enclosing class:

    public static class RetryOptions.Builder
    extends Object
    A Builder for ChannelOptions objects.
    • Method Detail

      • setEnableRetries

        public RetryOptions.Builder setEnableRetries(boolean enabled)
        Enable or disable retries.
      • setRetryOnDeadlineExceeded

        public RetryOptions.Builder setRetryOnDeadlineExceeded(boolean enabled)
        Enable or disable retry on deadline exceeded.
      • setInitialBackoffMillis

        public RetryOptions.Builder setInitialBackoffMillis(int initialBackoffMillis)
        The amount of time in milliseconds we will wait for our first error retry.
      • setBackoffMultiplier

        public RetryOptions.Builder setBackoffMultiplier(double multiplier)
        Multiplier we will apply to backoff times between retries.
      • setMaxElapsedBackoffMillis

        public RetryOptions.Builder setMaxElapsedBackoffMillis(int maxElapsedBackoffMillis)
        Maximum amount of time we will retry an operation that is failing.
      • setStreamingBufferSize

        public RetryOptions.Builder setStreamingBufferSize(int streamingBufferSize)
        Set the maximum number of messages to buffer when scanning.
      • setReadPartialRowTimeoutMillis

        public RetryOptions.Builder setReadPartialRowTimeoutMillis(int timeout)
        Set the timeout in milliseconds for reading individual ReadRowsResponse messages from a stream.
      • setMaxScanTimeoutRetries

        public RetryOptions.Builder setMaxScanTimeoutRetries(int maxScanTimeoutRetries)
        Set the maximum number of times to retry after a scan timeout.
      • setAllowRetriesWithoutTimestamp

        public RetryOptions.Builder setAllowRetriesWithoutTimestamp(boolean allowRetriesWithoutTimestamp)
        Perform retries even if a Put (or other Mutations) don't have a time stamp set and set the timestamp to the server time.
      • build

        public RetryOptions build()
        Construct a new RetryOptions object.