Trying Out the Admin API

There are two options for trying out the Admin API, either the OAuth 2.0 Playground or the APIs Explorer.

OAuth 2.0 Playground

Use the OAuth 2.0 Playground to preview an authentication flow, obtain access tokens, and also send HTTP requests. To use the OAuth 2.0 Playground:

  1. Open the OAuth 2.0 Playground.
  2. In Step 1, the scope is pre-selected for you. Click Authorize APIs to start the authentication flow.
  3. Follow the "implicit authentication flow" by clicking Allow to authorize the Google OAuth 2.0 Playground access to your Google Cloud services.
  4. In Step 2, click Exchange authorization code for tokens to receive an access token.

  5. In Step 3, the Request URI field is pre-populated with the example URI:{appsId}/services/default

    You must replace {appsId} with your Google Cloud Platform project ID and then click Send the request to view the details about the default service of your project.

    Use this URI field to send HTTP requests against the resources that you specify in your project. For more information about specifying resources in request URIs, see REST in the Admin API.

APIs Explorer

Use the APIs Explorer to view a list of all the Admin API methods, fields, and their descriptions. You can then click the items in the list to generate URIs and send HTTP requests against the resources that you specify.

To use the APIs Explorer:

  1. Open the APIs Explorer.
  2. Select the method that you want to try out.
  3. Specify the IDs of the resources in your project as well as any supported fields.
  4. Click Execute to send the HTTP request against your project and then view both the generated request URI and HTTP response.

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