Shut down or suspend the appliance

You can shut down the appliance to relocate it, or if planned power or facility work will affect the appliance. To ensure that your data is safe, we provide multiple options for shutting down the appliance:

  • Power down: The appliance powers off. To start the appliance after power is restored, you must press the power button on the appliance.

  • Halt: The appliance unmounts the drives, stops the operating system, and idles the CPU. The appliance stays powered on. The appliance can be safely powered off when halted, and it automatically boots when power is restored.

  • Suspend: This method is recommended if you'll be moving the appliance to a new location. The suspend command removes all access to data, reporting, and the CLI. Suspend is recommended only when you will retain control of the appliance throughout the move.

Power down

To power down the appliance, run the shutdown command from the appliance command line:

sudo shutdown now

To restart the appliance after powering down, press the power button.


To halt the appliance, use the -H flag with the shutdown command from the appliance command line:

sudo shutdown -H now

The appliance does not power off. It can be manually powered off using the power button, or by disconnecting power from the appliance.

Once power is restored, the appliance will automatically reboot.


To suspend the appliance, run ta suspend from the appliance command line:

ta suspend

The suspend command removes access to data on the appliance until the resume command is executed. During this time, data on the device remains encrypted. Data transfer is suspended, and access to the NFS share is disabled. If the appliance is in online mode, online transfers are suspended.

To resume operations on the appliance, log in with your username and password and run the resume command:

ta resume

You may wish to re-verify your appliance to ensure that it hasn't been tampered with while suspended. To do so, follow the instructions in Validate the appliance.