rpo - Configure replication


gsutil rpo set (ASYNC_TURBO|DEFAULT) gs://<bucket_name>...
gsutil rpo get gs://<bucket_name>...


The rpo command is used to retrieve or configure the replication setting of dual-region Cloud Storage buckets. This command has two sub-commands: get and set.


The rpo get command returns the replication setting for the specified Cloud Storage buckets.

Get Examples

Check if your buckets are using turbo replication:

gsutil rpo get gs://redbucket gs://bluebucket


The rpo set command configures turbo replication for dual-region Cloud Storage buckets.

Set Examples

Configure your buckets to use turbo replication:

gsutil rpo set ASYNC_TURBO gs://redbucket gs://bluebucket

Configure your buckets to NOT use turbo replication:

gsutil rpo set DEFAULT gs://redbucket gs://bluebucket