Configure access to a source: S3-compatible storage

Transferring from S3-compatible sources requires an access key ID and a secret access key. These are passed to the transfer agent creation command.

The steps to obtain your access key ID and secret access key depend on your storage provider.

When creating your ID and key, make sure the account being used has the following minimum permissions:

  • Read-only permission on source objects, if you don't want to delete objects at source.
  • Full access to source objects, if you choose to delete objects at source as part of your transfer.

Transfers from S3-compatible sources require the installation of transfer agents on VMs close to the data source. You can install agents in Amazon EC2 or EKS within the same region as your bucket. You can also run agents on Google Cloud in the nearest region.

Transfer agents belong to an agent pool. See Manage agent pools to create an agent pool and install agents into the pool.

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