Transfer agent command-line options

Transfer agents transfer data from your file system to Google Cloud. You can control agent options when you run an agent through the flags and options described in this page.

Command summary

sudo docker run [--ulimit memlock=64000000 -d --rm -v host-directory:container-directory]
--env environment-variable=variable-value
{--help | --version | --project-id=project-id}
[--agent-id-prefix=id-prefix --creds-file=credential-file
--enable_mount_directory --hostname=hostname

Docker options

--ulimit memlock=64000000
Locks shared memory for a shared pool for Docker, so that it is always in memory for access by multiple sessions.

Starts the Docker container in detached mode, or in the background. This allows you to continue issuing commands from the Linux terminal.

For more information, see Detached -d


Deletes the container and the container's file system when Docker exits.

For more information, see Clean up (--rm)

-v host-directory:container-directory

Specifies one or more volumes to map from the host to the container. When using -v, we require the host-directory and container-directory to be the same, otherwise Storage Transfer Service won't successfully locate your files for transfer.

For more information, see VOLUME (shared file systems)

--env environment-variable=variable-value

Specifies an environment variable for the Docker container. Use this flag to configure your agents to use a forward proxy. For more information, see Using a forward proxy.

Agent options

An optional prefix that is prepended to the agent ID to help identify the agent or its machine in the Google Cloud console. When a prefix is used, the agent ID is formatted as prefix + hostname + Docker container ID.

An optional JSON-formatted service account credential file. For more information about generating a service account credential file, see creating and managing service account keys.


Optionally mounts the whole file system under the directory /transfer_root within the Docker container, rather than specifying individual Docker -vvolume mounts. When using this flag, you don't need to prefix /transfer_root to the log directory or the service account credentials file path, and /transfer_root isn't visible in transfer logs or GUI error samples.


Displays brief usage help.


set the hostname that the agent is running on. Used to report the hostname of the machine a particular agent is running on.


An optional directory that the agent writes logs to. The default directory is /tmp/.


Agents default to using 8GiB maximum of system memory. If the default doesn't fit your environment, you can specify a relevant maximum memory usage in the following formats:

max-physical-mem value Maximum memory setting
6g 6 gigabytes
6gb 6 gigabytes
6GiB 6 gibibytes

Required string of the project ID that is hosting the transfer resources that are created and billed.


Displays the current version of the agent.