Data export in Transparency and Control Center


Transparency and Control Center uses BigQuery to export data for specific data processing groups at either the project or organization level. To export data for the remaining recommendations, refer to the documentation for each recommender.

Required permissions

To manage data source exports, you must have the following Identity and Access Management (IAM) role on the project or organization:

  • Data Processing Controls Resource Admin (roles/dataprocessing.admin), or an equivalent custom IAM role

Additionally, you must have the following IAM role on the project you will be exporting to:

  • BigQuery Admin (roles/bigquery.admin)

Export data from Transparency and Control Center

To export data from Transparency and Control Center, complete the following steps:

  1. In the Google Cloud console, go to the Privacy & Security page.

    Go to the Privacy & Security page

  2. Click Transparency & control.

  3. In the Data processing group table, click a group's name to see its details page.

  4. On the details page, find the data source you want to transfer and click Create transfer.

In the panel displayed, you can select a destination project, schedule a recurring transfer, and adjust notification options. When finished, your transfer settings are visible on the data processing group's details page.