Row Data

Container for Google Cloud Bigtable Cells and Streaming Row Contents. = <google.api_core.retry.retry_unary.Retry object )

The default retry strategy to be used on retry-able errors.

Used by _read_next_response().


Bases: RuntimeError

Exception raised to invalid response data from back-end.


Bases: RuntimeError

Exception raised when retry request is invalid.

class, family_name, qualifier, timestamp_micros, labels=(), value=b'')

Bases: object

This class is no longer used and will be removed in the future

class, request, retry=<google.api_core.retry.retry_unary.Retry object>)

Bases: object

Convenience wrapper for consuming a ReadRows streaming response.

  • Parameters

    • read_method (client._table_data_client.read_rows) – ReadRows method.

    • request (data_messages_v2_pb2.ReadRowsRequest) – The ReadRowsRequest message used to create a ReadRowsResponse iterator. If the iterator fails, a new iterator is created, allowing the scan to continue from the point just beyond the last successfully read row, identified by self.last_scanned_row_key. The retry happens inside of the Retry class, using a predicate for the expected exceptions during iteration.

    • retry (Retry) – (Optional) Retry delay and deadline arguments. To override, the default value DEFAULT_RETRY_READ_ROWS can be used and modified with the with_delay() method or the with_deadline() method.


Consume the ReadRowsResponse s from the stream. Read the rows and yield each to the reader

Parse the response and its chunks into a new/existing row in _rows. Rows are returned in order by row key.


Cancels the iterator, closing the stream.


Consume the streamed responses until there are no more.

WARNING: This method will be removed in future releases. Please use this class as a generator instead.

  • Parameters

    max_loops (int) – (Optional) Maximum number of times to try to consume an additional ReadRowsResponse. You can use this to avoid long wait times.

property state()

this property is deprecated and will be removed in the future.

  • Type

    DEPRECATED = ('rst_stream', 'rst stream', 'received unexpected eos on data frame from server' )

Internal error messages that can be retried during read row and mutation.