Monitoring Pub/Sub Lite resources

Pub/Sub Lite reports metrics to Cloud Monitoring. You can create alerting policies and charts of metrics using Cloud Monitoring.

Metrics and monitored resources

A metric is a set of measurements about the behavior of a product, service, or application. For example, Pub/Sub Lite reports data for the backlog_quota_bytes metric.

For the complete list of Pub/Sub Lite metric types, see the list of Pub/Sub Lite metrics.

Pub/Sub Lite collects metrics from monitored resources, including the following:

Exploring metrics

To explore the metrics that Pub/Sub Lite reports to Cloud Monitoring, create a chart with the Metrics Explorer.

  1. In the Google Cloud console, go to the Metrics Explorer:

    Go to the Metrics Explorer
  2. In the Find resource type and metric pane, search for and select pubsublite_subscription_partition.

  3. From the list of metrics, select backlog_quota_bytes.

The Metrics Explorer creates temporary charts. To save a chart, add it to a dashboard.

Creating alerting policies

An altering policy identifies a situation that warrants immediate attention or intervention. If metrics meet the conditions of an alerting policy, Cloud Monitoring sends you a notification. For example, Cloud Monitoring can notify you if backlog_quota_bytes is about to exceed a Pub/Sub Lite quota.

For more information about creating an alerting policy, see Introduction to alerting.

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