Cloud Monitoring API

Manages your Cloud Monitoring data and configurations.


The Service name is needed to create RPC client stubs.


GetOperation Gets the latest state of a long-running operation.


CreateDashboard Creates a new custom dashboard.
DeleteDashboard Deletes an existing custom dashboard.
GetDashboard Fetches a specific dashboard.
ListDashboards Lists the existing dashboards.
UpdateDashboard Replaces an existing custom dashboard with a new definition.


CreateMonitoredProject Adds a MonitoredProject with the given project ID to the specified Metrics Scope.
DeleteMonitoredProject Deletes a MonitoredProject from the specified Metrics Scope.
GetMetricsScope Returns a specific Metrics Scope, including the list of projects monitored by the specified Metrics Scope.
ListMetricsScopesByMonitoredProject Returns a list of every Metrics Scope that a specific MonitoredProject has been added to.


LabelValues Lists possible values for a given label name.
ListMetricMetadata Lists metadata for metrics.
QueryExemplars Lists exemplars relevant to a given PromQL query,
QueryInstant Evaluate a PromQL query at a single point in time.
QueryLabels Lists labels for metrics.
QueryRange Evaluate a PromQL query with [start, end] time range.
QuerySeries Lists metadata for metrics.


CreateAlertPolicy Creates a new alerting policy.
DeleteAlertPolicy Deletes an alerting policy.
GetAlertPolicy Gets a single alerting policy.
ListAlertPolicies Lists the existing alerting policies for the workspace.
UpdateAlertPolicy Updates an alerting policy.


CreateGroup Creates a new group.
DeleteGroup Deletes an existing group.
GetGroup Gets a single group.
ListGroupMembers Lists the monitored resources that are members of a group.
ListGroups Lists the existing groups.
UpdateGroup Updates an existing group.


CreateMetricDescriptor Creates a new metric descriptor.
CreateTimeSeries Creates or adds data to one or more time series.
DeleteMetricDescriptor Deletes a metric descriptor.
GetMetricDescriptor Gets a single metric descriptor.
GetMonitoredResourceDescriptor Gets a single monitored resource descriptor.
ListMetricDescriptors Lists metric descriptors that match a filter.
ListMonitoredResourceDescriptors Lists monitored resource descriptors that match a filter.
ListTimeSeries Lists time series that match a filter.


CreateNotificationChannel Creates a new notification channel, representing a single notification endpoint such as an email address, SMS number, or PagerDuty service.
DeleteNotificationChannel Deletes a notification channel.
GetNotificationChannel Gets a single notification channel.
GetNotificationChannelDescriptor Gets a single channel descriptor.
GetNotificationChannelVerificationCode Requests a verification code for an already verified channel that can then be used in a call to VerifyNotificationChannel() on a different channel with an equivalent identity in the same or in a different project.
ListNotificationChannelDescriptors Lists the descriptors for supported channel types.
ListNotificationChannels Lists the notification channels that have been created for the project.
SendNotificationChannelVerificationCode Causes a verification code to be delivered to the channel.
UpdateNotificationChannel Updates a notification channel.
VerifyNotificationChannel Verifies a NotificationChannel by proving receipt of the code delivered to the channel as a result of calling SendNotificationChannelVerificationCode.


QueryTimeSeries Queries time series using Monitoring Query Language.


CreateService Create a Service.
CreateServiceLevelObjective Create a ServiceLevelObjective for the given Service.
DeleteService Soft delete this Service.
DeleteServiceLevelObjective Delete the given ServiceLevelObjective.
GetService Get the named Service.
GetServiceLevelObjective Get a ServiceLevelObjective by name.
ListServiceLevelObjectives List the ServiceLevelObjectives for the given Service.
ListServices List Services for this Metrics Scope.
UpdateService Update this Service.
UpdateServiceLevelObjective Update the given ServiceLevelObjective.


CreateSnooze Creates a Snooze that will prevent alerts, which match the provided criteria, from being opened.
GetSnooze Retrieves a Snooze by name.
ListSnoozes Lists the Snoozes associated with a project.
UpdateSnooze Updates a Snooze, identified by its name, with the parameters in the given Snooze object.


CreateUptimeCheckConfig Creates a new Uptime check configuration.
DeleteUptimeCheckConfig Deletes an Uptime check configuration.
GetUptimeCheckConfig Gets a single Uptime check configuration.
ListUptimeCheckConfigs Lists the existing valid Uptime check configurations for the project (leaving out any invalid configurations).
ListUptimeCheckIps Returns the list of IP addresses that checkers run from.
UpdateUptimeCheckConfig Updates an Uptime check configuration.