Troubleshoot origins

This page shows you how to resolve issues with origins when you configure them to work with Media CDN.

Troubleshoot origin connectivity

If you are receiving HTTP 50x errors, such as HTTP 502 (Gateway Timeout) or HTTP 500 (Internal Server Error), consider the following:

  • Test that the origin hostname can be resolved with Google Public DNS, and that the resolved IP addresses matches expectations. If you recently changed your DNS records, resolvers might still have the old address in their caches.

  • If your origin only supports HTTP/1.1 and does not support HTTP/2, configure the protocol field on the origin to use HTTP or HTTPS instead of HTTP2. Media CDN does not fall back to HTTP/1.1 connections unless specified.

  • Check that request logs in Cloud Logging contain the correct origin IP address.

  • Check that origin has a valid (publicly trusted) and unexpired SSL (TLS) certificate.

  • HTTP/2 Trailers are not supported, and requests to an origin server don't include the "TE" request header. Trailers included in a response are not cached or returned to the client.

Troubleshooting origin failover

If an origin failover isn't behaving as expected, consider the following:

  • Ensure that the appropriate host header rewrite is configured on your failover origin.

  • Ensure that your primary origin is configured with sufficient maxAttemptsTimeout, maxAttempts, and timeouts to accommodate origin redirects and failovers. Origin redirects count as separate connection attempts against the maxAttempts setting.

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