This page lists Cloud Healthcare API requirements and related information.

Regions and versions

Cloud regions

Only these Google Cloud regions are available:

Regional locations

Region name Region description
northamerica-northeast1 Montréal
northamerica-northeast2 Toronto
us-central1 Iowa
us-east1 South Carolina
us-east4 North Virginia
us-west1 Oregon
us-west2 Los Angeles
us-west3 Salt Lake City
southamerica-east1 São Paulo
Asia Pacific
asia-east1 Taiwan
asia-east2 Hong Kong
asia-northeast1 Tokyo
asia-northeast2 Osaka
asia-northeast3 Seoul
asia-south1 Mumbai
asia-southeast1 Singapore
asia-southeast2 Jakarta
australia-southeast1 Sydney
europe-west2 London
europe-west3 Frankfurt
europe-west4 Netherlands
europe-west6 Zurich
Middle East
me-west1 Tel Aviv

Multi-regional locations

Multi-region name Multi-region description
us Data centers in the United States
eu Data centers in Europe

Google Cloud CLI

Cloud Healthcare API requires version 236.0.0 or higher of the Google Cloud CLI.

Permitted characters and size requirements

Resources in the Cloud Healthcare API are limited to certain characters and might be limited to certain lengths.

The following table lists the permitted characters and sizes for each resource:

Resource Limitations
Datasets and FHIR, DICOM, and HL7v2 store names
  • Permitted characters: Any string consisting of unicode numbers, unicode letters, ASCII underscores, dashes, and periods
  • Minimum length: 1 character
  • Maximum length: 256 characters
  • Requirements as a regular expression: [\p{L}\p{N}_-.]{1,256}