Specifies the configuration for importing data from Cloud Storage.

JSON representation
  "uri": string


Points to a Cloud Storage URI containing file(s) to import.

The URI must be in the following format: gs://{bucket_id}/{objectId}. The URI can include wildcards in objectId and thus identify multiple files. Supported wildcards:

  • * to match 0 or more non-separator characters
  • ** to match 0 or more characters (including separators). Must be used at the end of a path and with no other wildcards in the path. Can also be used with a file extension (such as .ndjson), which imports all files with the extension in the specified directory and its sub-directories. For example, gs://my-bucket/my-directory/**.ndjson imports all files with .ndjson extensions in my-directory/ and its sub-directories.
  • ? to match 1 character

Files matching the wildcard are expected to contain content only, no metadata.