Measure and compare performance

Performance is a critical concern when evaluating cloud providers, but can be difficult to measure.

Google Cloud Platform provides two open-source tools that you can use to benchmark the performance of Cloud Platform compared to other cloud platforms. Releasing these tools as open source makes it possible for community members to contribute to the benchmarks to keep them up-to-date and unbiased.

  • PerfKit Benchmarker — a benchmarking tool used to measure and compare the services of cloud providers. Initially created at Google, it is now a community effort that includes independent researchers, academic institutions and technology companies. PerfKit Benchmarker streamlines running benchmark tests on supported cloud providers with unified, simple commands. PerfKit Benchmarker measures the end-to-end time to provision resources and generates reports on standard metrics of peak performance, such as latency, throughput, time-to-complete, and IOPS.

    View the dashboard for inter-region latency benchmarks.

  • PerfKit Explorer — a visualization tool that provides rich functionality in creating and editing dashboards. It can be used as visualization tool for any BigQuery data. It can also be used with PerfKit Benchmarker to visualize benchmarking data.

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